Advanced Human Capital™

Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement

Culture is, metaphorically, the operating system (OS) of an organization. Much like a computer operating system governs the functioning of all other software, an organization’s culture is the underlying network of structures, systems, policies, rituals, norms, and protocols that, together, cause employees and associates to behave as they do. Are they internally preoccupied, or focused externally on clients and customers? Are they combative, or collaborative? Are they rooted in status quo stability, or are they agile? Are they passive, or proactive and accountable? Culture determines these behaviors.

Employee engagement is the discretionary effort exerted beyond what is minimally required, and is the manifestation of a strong organizational culture. Culture causes or restrains employee engagement. The stronger a company’s culture, the better employees understand the highest purpose to which the organization aspires and what is expected of them. They are more likely to develop a passion for and commitment to the organization. This drives a myriad of positive business outcomes for individuals (satisfaction, well-being, commitment), teams (inter- and intra-unit collaboration and cooperation), and enterprises (innovation, customer loyalty, sales, market share, and profitability growth).

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