Geopolitical Intelligence

Political Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies

Ankura geopolitical services combine cutting-edge technologies, data analytics, intelligence tradecraft, and quantitative and qualitative analyses to provide clients with the strategic insights necessary to anticipate future trends, mitigate risks, and leverage opportunities. We assist clients in adapting and responding to changing political environments by navigating complex geopolitical relationships and developing strategies to protect our clients’ assets, investments, and personnel from cross-border political volatility.

Our solutions include:

Country risk and regional geopolitical stability assessments
As firms try to decipher how geopolitical stability will manifest in a constantly evolving and interconnected world, our team delivers insightful assessments by which our clients can depend to help them make sound foreign investment decisions. Cross-border political volatility can emerge quickly, and a fuller understanding of the political and geopolitical environment will enable clients to anticipate and respond to rapidly changing political environments and better protect assets, investments, and personnel from cross-border volatility. We focus on bespoke client concerns as they relate to a country or region’s stability, sovereignty, politics, current affairs, economics, finance, regulations, environment, culture, and development. We leverage on-the-ground expertise to analyze risks associated with investing or conducting business in a specific region, and we can deliver vital insights into new or existing markets.

Country Deep Dives
To gain the kind of understanding necessary to make sound investment decisions, clients often require deep research and analysis of threat intelligence. Our veteran geopolitical team delivers comprehensive assessments and forecasts of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental risks, and buy-side due diligence in global, emerging, or frontier markets. We can provide forward-looking analysis of business, political and security risks, and comprehensive tailored analysis of the regulatory environment and security threats, including terrorism, conflict, war, civil unrest, crime, corruption, and piracy. Finally, we work closely with the client to develop detailed mitigation strategies built on the findings of our analysis.

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