Analytics & Data Strategy

Process Improvement

To compete in today’s fast-paced and highly dynamic environment, companies must leverage their data and technology assets to accomplish routine processes with minimal human interaction. Ankura’s analytics & data optimization professionals have decades of experience assisting clients review, automate, optimize, and centralize their programming logic, workflows, and/or analytics output. Our hands-on and collaborative approach examines current processes and procedures, identifies weaknesses and inefficiencies, and redeploys systematic changes that minimizes manual intervention, removes any propensity for errors, and increases compliance and monitoring, as well as creating greater value through consistency for the organization.

We assist our clients by providing expertise relating to:

  • Interviews with management, information technology personnel, and key business users to analyze programming logic, workflows, and/or analytics output
  • Identification of opportunities to streamline and automate operational processes as well as collection of additional electronic data to enhance current best practices
  • Development of custom workflow management and data intake tools
  • Creation of systematic reporting and visualizations to allow for increase end-to-end transparency and tracking (e.g., for operational or compliance purposes)
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Jim Vint
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