Response Preparedness

Ankura has deep experience in incident response preparedness in a wide variety of cyberattack profiles as well as in developing policy for a variety of organizational functions in diverse industry verticals. Ankura professionals provide expertise in leading cyber incident response teams, plan development, and forensic investigations, as well as assessing, developing, and implementing information security policies.

The development and implementation of a comprehensive cyber incident response plan is now mandatory for most public and regulated entities. Effective cyber incident response entails the core tenets of policies, plans, procedures, testing, and a designated team, along with guidelines for handling activities and anticipated interactions with outside parties.

Tabletop Exercises
The first step in enhancing your information security posture is creating a cyber incident response plan. Simply having a plan is not enough; the plan must be practiced to ensure efficient and effective adherence to your cyber incident response plan. Ankura can walk all your stakeholders – including inside/outside counsel and other third parties – through a simulated cyber event. Your incident response plan will be used as a guidepost and, at the conclusion of the exercise, recommendations for enhancing your written plan will be realized and documented.

Cyber Incident Response Planning
Ankura can collaborate with all the stakeholders of your organization to develop a comprehensive and actionable cyber incident response plan that follows industry standard best practices while assuring that your plan is customized for your organization, thereby ensuring practical resilience. Ankura can also document relevant “play books” that incorporate pertinent procedural components into your incident response plan, which will make your incident response much more efficient and effective.

Information Security Awareness
Ankura consultants can provide on-site training to your employees to keep them abreast of today’s ever-changing threat environment. Our security experts will provide real-life case anecdotes to illustrate how attackers could compromise your corporate infrastructure.