Compliance & Ethics

Risk Management and Assessments

Compliance and ethics programs must be structured to detect and ultimately prevent the most significant legal, compliance, and operational risks facing an entity or organization. Too often, compliance and ethics issues arise because a compliance program was not designed or periodically assessed to identify and address emerging or new issues of risk.

Ankura’s compliance and ethics professionals are skilled at designing enterprise risk management programs that specifically incorporate the compliance and ethics program function to ensure that an entity’s standards of conduct, policies, procedures, and training are structured to adequately address and cover the risk issues of significance to that entity. In particular, Ankura helps clients with:

  • Reviewing compliance risk issues, determinations, registers, and priorities
  • Developing and conducting compliance risk assessment surveys
  • Providing and reporting on risk assessment analyses
  • Preparing and providing comprehensive risk mitigation action plans
  • Auditing and monitoring the effectiveness of risk mitigation action plans