Intellectual Property

Royalty Analysis and Disputes

Our professionals have dealt with intellectual property (IP) issues from all aspects – serving as experts in complex infringement disputes, licensing disputes hinging on the interpretation of discreet clauses, valuing IP, and developing intellectual asset management protocols to help entities understand the value of their existing IP and licenses.

Our professionals develop and implement royalty compliance programs and perform audits of the royalties paid by publishers and other licensees around the world. We have helped licensors recover millions of dollars in asserted rights relating to their copyrights, trademarks, and patents licensed to third parties. Our collective experience and proprietary software tool help us to identify potential issues with licensees and royalty income well in advance of traditional royalty tracking methods. Our model benefits clients by managing all contracts in a systematic manner, identifying inconsistencies in contracts, and deriving cost savings by mapping transactional data with contractual terms.

We assist clients with:

  • Royalty compliance assessments
  • Develop risk assessment programs to manage multiple licensees
  • Detailed licensing contract reviews
  • Flexible modeling to calculate royalties under a multitude of contractual assumptions and interpretations
  • Discovery planning and drafting of discovery requests
  • Early case assessment and assistance with settlement/mediation
  • Accounting and financial records analysis
  • Financial and economic modeling and forecasting
  • Expert witness report preparation and testimony
  • Damages assessment and estimation
  • Critique of opposing expert analyses
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