Geopolitical Intelligence

Security Environment Assessments

Excellent physical security is a must to successfully operate in foreign countries. Ankura professionals conduct deep analysis of any security environment to help clients determine if their security postures are appropriate for the conditions in which they operate. We help clients develop risk mitigation strategies to more safely operate in challenging areas and environments.

Our solutions include:

Threat Assessments
We develop a thorough understanding of the threats present, or potentially present, and acquire expert insight on the best mitigation methods to help clients develop risk mitigation strategies. Our extensive overseas military backgrounds inform a broad and experienced understanding of complex security environments, and we maintain a robust network of physical security experts that we can leverage.

Physical Security, Personnel Security Assessments, and Data Security Assessments
Our assessments also go well beyond the technical, incorporating more nuanced analysis of the local political and law enforcement environments to ensure our clients have the benefit of the most accurate insider knowledge. We spend time on the ground when required and liaise with in-country resources to ensure we deliver the best assessments possible, and work with our clients to develop and implement risk mitigation strategies.

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Michelle DiGruttolo
Michelle DiGruttolo
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