International Trade Controls

Technology Services

Automation and data analytics are critical compliance enablers. They enhance consistency and efficiency, enable improvements in performance and reporting, and are fundamental to fulfilling regulator expectations. Ankura’s international trade controls technology solution is an unmatched combination of technical expertise and practical experience. We leverage our clients’ technology systems and initiatives to integrate trade controls and optimize program performance.

We provide the following solutions:

  • Conduct international trade control (ITC) system assessment for regulatory compliance, robustness, and security
  • Help clients understand and map compliance system requirements
  • Design and implement ITC technology ecosystems
  • Automate ITC processes to enforce controls, best practices, recordkeeping, and management visibility
  • Integrate existing ITC systems and build custom ITC solutions based on client requirements
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Randall H. Cook
Senior Managing Director
Waqas Shahid
Waqas Shahid
Senior Managing Director