Compliance & Ethics

Third-Party Oversight

An organization cannot rely only upon its own personnel to act in a compliant and ethical manner. Indeed, the actions of an entity’s third-party stakeholders, including agents, partners, representatives, intermediaries, suppliers, and vendors, can have a dramatic impact on the legal obligations and liabilities, operational efficiencies, and brand reputation of the entity. Consequently, it is incumbent on and necessary for organizations to ensure that their third-party stakeholders also implement and manage compliance and ethics programs that address the risk areas and issues that have an impact on the organization.

Ankura’s professionals assist clients in reviewing, designing, and overseeing their third-party stakeholder compliance and ethics programs with the following expertise:

  • Assessment of regulatory and operational risk arising from contemplated business transactions
  • Designing and implementing third-party risk mitigation strategies, policies, and processes
  • Reviewing, designing, creating, implementing, and improving vendor and supplier codes of conduct
  • Assessing and implementing improvements to purchasing, procurement, and supply systems for vendor and supplier compliance
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