Compliance & Ethics

Training and Education

Effective compliance and ethics programs require that all personnel – from top-level management to part-time employees – understand and adhere to clear standards of conduct to avoid potential compliance and ethical lapses. It is not enough to deploy written policies and procedures; instead, an organization needs to institute targeted and effective training and communications programs that educate their personnel on the compliance and ethics issues of concern and the behaviors that are expected of all personnel.

Training and communication programs, however, need to be tailored and deployed with consideration for the organization’s structure, personnel skillsets and levels of education, operating culture, and, in particular, industry. The Ankura team of compliance and ethics professionals are expert in assisting clients with their compliance and ethics training and communications infrastructure as well as the deployment of targeted training and communications packages in the following areas:

  • Board and executive management responsibilities for compliance and ethics
  • Manager training concerning compliance and ethics, and employee supervision
  • Employee ethics training on values-based/behavior-based ethics
  • Industry- and issue-specific topical training
  • Anti-retaliation training and education
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