Monitoring & Independent Oversight

Trustee Services

Ankura professionals have been engaged as Trustees in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases. Our solutions include:

  • Establishing cash management procedures and manage cash flow and liquidity
  • Determining short- and long-term cash requirements
  • Implementing financial reporting requirements, including:
    • Creation of short-term cash flow forecasts
    • Preparation of budgets and projections
    • Preparation of monthly financial statements
    • Filing of tax returns
  • Preparing and analyzing short- and long-term business plans
  • Creating employee retention plans and evaluating employee benefits
  • Evaluating insurance requirements to ensure sufficient coverage to protect the assets of the estate
  • Analyzing and evaluating leases and executory contracts
  • Calculating and managing distributions to the estate
  • Holding and effectuating an orderly distribution of assets
  • Administering the liquidating trust for the benefit of creditors
  • Performing administrative services relating to the implementation of the plan of reorganization or liquidation

A primary driver in maximizing returns for creditors includes evaluating recoverable assets. Ankura has experienced professionals with the expertise in:

  • Providing valuation services, including fair market and liquidation valuations for tangible & intangible assets
  • Developing strategic plans (liquidate or reorganize) and building consensus among parties in interest
  • Developing and implementing cost reduction/profit improvement plans
  • Evaluating cash collateral requirements
  • Developing litigation and asset recovery strategies, including exploring all causes of actions, including but not limited to:
    • Preference analyses
    • Fraudulent conveyance analyses
    • Review related party transactions
    • Review intercompany transactions
    • Investigate potential fraud
  • Assisting in the marketing and sale or disposition of assets

While maximizing available assets is important for assets to be available for distribution, Ankura professionals recognize the importance of allowing only valid claims through a rigorous claims reconciliation process. Our professionals have expertise in:

  • Providing claims processing and database processing services for analyzing claims
  • Reconciling claims to the debtor’s schedules and statements
  • Negotiating and settling claims with creditors
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