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Demystifying the complex world of digital assets

The digital assets industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and challenges. There is a massive opportunity for companies and investors looking to incorporate digital assets into their business or portfolio. At the same time, governments and regulators everywhere are developing and enforcing policies to regulate the market in a variety of ways. As a result, it is important for those looking to invest in or get involved in the digital asset industry to understand the risks, including the ever-changing landscape of government regulations, cybersecurity issues, and fraud.

Ankura is the trusted advisor for your company’s digital asset needs – whether you are just entering the world of digital assets or a seasoned industry veteran looking for assistance in responding to regulatory, technology, or operational issues. Our professionals’ diverse expertise and credentials in the areas of blockchain technology and digital assets allow us to craft unique solutions designed to Protect, Create, and Recover ValueTM for our clients. 

Ankura provides uniquely tailored and scalable digital asset solutions for our clients. Our talented multidisciplinary team includes talented professionals in the fields of forensic accounting investigations, data and technology, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, capital markets, transaction advisory, turnaround and restructuring, construction and real estate, and accounting advisory. Our digital asset professionals also span the globe, with members of our team located across five continents and more 35 locations worldwide. 

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Featured Services

Our team of seasoned forensic accountants delivers tailored investigative solutions to transform complicated financial data into admissible evidence.

We turn massive and varied data into clear, admissible, and actionable analysis and boost clients’  understanding well beyond the public record. 

Our forensics experts support clients by acquiring, analyzing, and preserving a range of data from varied computer systems to identify relevant intelligence and evidence quickly.

Customized, end-to-end solutions that address the full spectrum of AML-related risks. From regulatory investigations to developing robust AML compliance models, Ankura is a trusted, independent partner to financial institutions, governments, and corporate leaders.

We respond to over 500 data breaches annually and are actively monitoring threats in more than 45 countries as well as 18 global ransomware or extortion groups.

We deliver innovative solutions that address today’s most complicated data challenges. Whether it be addressing operational challenges, predicting performance, assessing risk, or uncovering trends, our models and algorithms simplify the complex and drive informed decision-making.

We resolve complicated accounting and valuation disputes for investors, shareholders, and corporate boards.

Our team of experts combine deep knowledge of markets and financial instruments with cutting-edge analytic capabilities to deliver best-in-class solutions in high-stakes settings. We have been involved in the most substantial capital markets disputes and investigations spanning the last several decades.

Our team of experts and advisors are trusted partners who drive finance-enabled business performance.

Our industry professionals focus on key areas of an organizational structure and existing processes to identify areas for enhancement and improvement to minimize risk, increase efficiency and effectiveness and maximize enterprise value.

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