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Resolving conflict and litigation through sound and compelling analysis and testimony

As the volume and complexity of disputes, business risks, and regulatory challenges expand, leading companies and their counsel know the right testimony can make or break a case. Increasingly international in nature, disputes frequently cross borders and involve multiple legal systems that are complicated for any counsel. To succeed, an effective witness must communicate the facts of a case effectively and persuasively regardless of cultural or language barriers.

Our team of accountants, economists, mathematicians, data scientists, and technologists Protect, Create, and Recover ValueTM for our clients by developing sound and compelling analyses, opinions, and solutions across the full spectrum of litigation, mediation, or arbitration matters.

Ankura is among the world’s most experienced firms in providing expert testimony with globally recognized experts from business, academic, and government fields along with specialists who use their experience to provide sound conclusions on high-stakes litigation and internationally recognized matters. We bring the functional expertise, industry depth, and global experience to support companies and counsel throughout all phases of litigation, arbitration, and regulatory proceedings. Our credible and credentialed experts develop and deliver sound and compelling analyses, opinions, and solutions enhanced by leading technology.

Featured Services

We resolve complicated accounting and valuation disputes for investors, shareholders, and corporate boards.

Ankura assists clients in class action matters, including consumer fraud, labor and employment, product liability, false advertising, and antitrust and securities violations.

We quantify economic harm resulting from infringement or misappropriation.

We provide economically sound results that are articulated persuasively and clearly in regulatory and dispute forums.

Our team synthesizes financial and economic analyses into damages opinions through declarations, expert reports, and testimony at deposition and trial.

Our global team of seasoned intellectual property experts has provided testimony and valuation opinions in some of the world’s most significant intellectual property disputes.

We represent corporations and governments around the world in the most complex international arbitration cases.

We responsibly oversee, preserve, and equitably distribute settlement funds with a highly analytical perspective refined by decades of experience.

Ankura knows the power of visual persuasion. We understand how to communicate to protect reputations and resolve significant business issues.

Our construction dispute resolution professionals provide expert advice, forensic analyses, and independent professional opinions in clear, concise, and objective manners in a wide variety of venues, including international tribunals and specialized regulatory boards.

We help clients address complex insurance claims and underlying losses in the built environment. 

Our industry professionals help clients with the evaluation of the design and construction performance against contract documents and standards of reasonable care when design professional liability concerns are raised or construction defects are discovered.

We resolve complex taxable income disputes for domestic and multinational enterprises.

We help companies, private equity, and law firms quickly and efficiently resolve disputes across the deal cycle.

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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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