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Chris Clark

Senior Managing Director

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Level 10, 225 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Chris Clark is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Australia with an expertise in construction. A chartered civil engineer with over 30 years’ experience in civil engineering contracting and in commercial and contract consulting, Chris has gained civil engineering experience with major contractors on large infrastructure projects including road, rail, airport, and energy projects culminating in the position of project manager on major projects. He also has hands on experience in the design of various temporary works.


Chris has been appointed as delay expert on several occasions and has given evidence under cross-examination. His particular field of expertise is in analysis of delay, its causation and illustration of impact, and dealing with issues of prolongation, disruption, EOT entitlement, and concurrency. Chris has provided expert witness and advisory services on a wide range of complex building and engineering projects including public buildings, high-rise/mixed use developments, oil and gas, energy (including renewables), process plant, mining infrastructure, transport infrastructure (road, rail, and airport), and utilities.

A selection of Chris’ recent expert witness appointments includes:

  • Light Rail Project, NSW, Australia: Delay Expert on a dispute between parties involved in the construction of a light rail system (Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, Sydney).
  • Integrated Petrochemical Plant, Saudi Arabia: Delay Expert on a dispute between owner and design engineer. Dispute related to the late provision of design information and changes in design for both process and non-process infrastructure. Plant comprised over 20 manufacturing units with a total project value of US$20 billion (ICC International Court of Arbitration, London).
  • Airport Terminal Development, Brunei: Delay and Quantum Expert on a dispute between owner and design and build contractor engaged to redevelop an international airport. Dispute related to the impact of design changes and the performance of the contractor (Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Singapore).
  • Lithium Hydroxide Plant, Western Australia: Delay Expert on a dispute between EPCM contractor and owner in relation to the design and construction of a lithium hydroxide conversion plant (Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules 2016, Perth Western Australia).
  • Solar Farm, NSW, Australia: Delay Expert on a dispute between owner and EPC contractor engaged to construct a 255MWDC utility-scale PV solar plant. Dispute related to document and equipment approvals, provision of information, design changes, and third party interface (Resolution Institute Arbitration Rules 2016, Sydney).
  • Water Pipeline, Western Australia: Delay Expert on a dispute between owner and contractor engaged to construct an eight kilometer water pipeline. Dispute related to delays caused by changes in environmental regulations and contractor working methods (Supreme Court of Western Australia).
  • Subsea Pipeline, Indonesia: Delay and Quantum Expert on a dispute between main contractor and pipe laying subcontractor engaged to construct a 28km subsea oil pipeline. Dispute related to delay in provision of piping materials and numerous design changes, and the impact on the pipe laying subcontractor’s marine spread (Indonesian National Board of Arbitration, Jakarta).
  • FSO Vessel, Malaysia: Delay and Quantum Expert on a dispute between owner and contractor involving the refurbishment and conversion of a FSO vessel. Dispute related to the impact of late design, design changes, provision of equipment, and additional works (Asian International Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur).
  • Mixed Use Development, Thailand: Delay Expert on a dispute between main contractor and principal. Dispute related to incomplete and incorrect design information, and work of other contractors (Thai Arbitration Institute, Bangkok).
  • High Rise Mixed Use Development, Kazakhstan: Delay Expert on a dispute between the property developer and fit-out contractor. Dispute related to delays caused by the provision of access, design information, the work of other contractors, and design change (ICC International Court of Arbitration, London)

A selection of Chris’ other experience includes:

  • Major Highway Infrastructure, Equatorial Guinea: Providing pre-arbitral advice to main contractor and support to counsel in drafting statement of case for disputes with principal. Assessment and illustration of delay and disruption caused by the acts and omissions of the principal.
  • Major Rail Project, Hong Kong: Support to principal in mediation with main contractor for disputes relating to extensions of time and prolongation costs due.
  • Overhead Transmission Line Project, New Zealand: Delay analysis and preparation of EOT claim on behalf of main works contractor.
  • Nitric Acid/Ammonia Nitrate Plant Project, Australia: Review of contract documentation and claims advice for EPC contractor involved in construction of nitric acid/ammonia nitrate plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant, Hong Kong: Support to main contractor in mediation with principal. Forensic delay analysis and preparation of position papers.
  • Hospital, Australia: Assessment of extension of time claims, document/record review on behalf of concrete structure pre stressing contractor.
  • BEng Hons, Post Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Certificate in Adjudication – Construction Contracts Act 2004 (CCA)
  • Institution of Civil Engineers Society of Construction Law (Australia)

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