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The development and global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in record time are historic accomplishments that demonstrate the contributions the healthcare and life sciences sector makes to society and the global economy. However, as the industry moves beyond the pandemic, healthcare leaders must grapple with a number of challenges. New entrants are redefining the healthcare ecosystem; demand for cost-effective healthcare and innovative treatments continues to grow; shifts in public policy are proliferating; and the risks of litigation and political scrutiny remain constant.

Ankura’s global team of experts and advisors helps clients across the healthcare spectrum to Protect, Create, and Recover ValueTM in moments of change and disruption.

In an environment in which change accelerates at incredible velocity, there is an increasing need to drive innovation, improve operational performance, and navigate risks. Our team of former industry executives, lawmakers, and regulators as well as restructuring professionals, compliance officers, and economists provides clients with tailored solutions in the areas of turnaround and restructuring, compliance, forensic accounting, financial damages, valuation, clinical billing and coding, healthcare reimbursement, and economics.

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Our team of former health plan and provider compliance officers, auditors, statisticians, data analysts, clinicians, and medical coders help our clients navigate today’s complex healthcare environment.

Our strategies and solutions optimize the physical footprints and financial performance of healthcare facility portfolios as well as the ability of organizations to deliver effective, efficient, and convenient care.

Our independent healthcare experts collaborate with attorneys and executives by tailoring solutions to their complex litigation, compliance, and operational challenges.

Our operations and systems specialists help payer and provider organizations build, test, and manage effective functional operations.

We have performed more than 300 cybersecurity assessments for global clients and tested more than 200 client security programs for effectiveness and the ability to defend critical data assets. We have also implemented more than 100 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) programs in 40 countries and performed more than 5,000 privacy impact assessments.

We deliver insightful and reliable valuations across the full spectrum of healthcare and life sciences.

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