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Translating strategy into results, navigating change, and driving performance

While the scope and scale of change initiatives vary, the need to accelerate results and deliver return on investment is constant. Shaping your organization’s trajectory requires a solid strategy, well-designed plans, effective governance, agility, and consistent and coordinated execution.

We help our clients Protect, Create, and Recover ValueTM by advancing operational excellence throughout their organization – from the factory floor to the board room – to unlock efficiencies and drive growth. From executing digital transformations to reshaping supply chain operations, we deliver end-to-end transformational change that rapidly delivers performance improvements.

Ankura is the catalyst to jumpstart momentum, build capacity, and accelerate value creation. We work with clients to address their most critical challenges across a broad spectrum of organizational inflection points. Our bias toward action, precision execution, and our unique people-centric approach ensures that we build alignment and commitment, drive momentum, and deliver sustained results for our clients.

Featured Services

We drive change to deliver sustainable performance improvements through an executable plan, effective governance, and accelerated execution.

We develop and execute programs that achieve employee representation and improve the experience of minority employees.

We partner with our clients on their most challenging and complex transformation programs, helping them to plan strategically and execute effectively.

We deliver successful outcomes by helping clients evaluate existing business processes, streamline costs and operations, and growing core capabilities.

Ankura’s Value Creation Planning framework catalyzes Portfolio Companies to focus on the strategic and financial goals of the investment thesis. In weeks, our process results in a detailed strategic plan bridging current state capabilities to future state opportunities with alignment, prioritization, and input from the Portfolio Company, Private Equity fund, Board of Directors, and other strategic advisors.

We leverage decades of human capital management experience to measurably and meaningfully improve the return on investment in people.

We design and execute holistic and effective programs that help our clients fulfill a societal promise and engage effectively with community organizations.

Our industry professionals focus on key areas of an organizational structure and existing processes to identify areas for enhancement and improvement to minimize risk, increase efficiency and effectiveness and maximize enterprise value.

We advise across the entire PPP project lifecycle, from determining project feasibility to procurement and transaction. We also partner with our clients to closely monitor and control project performance.

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We solve problems by operating as one firm to deliver for our clients. Where others advise, we solve. Where others consult, we partner.

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