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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Delivering and executing the solutions that achieve inclusivity and equity

Many companies would like to achieve greater diversity, equity, and inclusion but struggle with how to do so effectively. Far too often, these initiatives fall short because goals are defined too broadly or fail to directly confront the real issues facing racial and ethnic minority employees. As a result, companies are often exposed to reputational attacks from third-party organizations, consumers, the media, and even employees.

Ankura provides advisory services that help companies achieve DEI through targeted initiatives and goals that achieve minority employee representation and improve the experience of minority employees. What’s more, we directly engage community leaders to assess and rate how companies are progressing in achieving their DEI goals and to provide guidance on how best to achieve these goals.


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The Ankura Difference

Our team brings decades of experience crafting and executing strategies that build greater diversity, equity, and inclusion for organizations of all sizes. We leverage a proven methodology to understand the current state and environment surrounding our clients and their objectives before then iteratively developing a dynamic roadmap and detailed implementation plans for successful execution. We also leverage our deep relationships with community organizations to help our clients understand how to develop and run programs in partnership with these groups to achieve successful outcomes.

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