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Public-Private Partnerships

Starting on time, progressing to plan, and delivering performance on cost

Ankura professionals have deep and varied experience and qualifications in complex PPP transactions. This expertise lies across our offices around the world and the many specialty practice groups with extensive experience and capabilities directly resulting from PPP transactions and dealings. These include PPP transactions involving Turnaround & Restructuring, Ankura Real Estate Advisory – Hospitality Advisory, Transaction Advisory, Capital Projects Monitoring & Assurance, Construction Disputes, and Ankura Capital Advisors, among others.

We help clients leverage transactions that require multi-disciplinary skills across Ankura services – applying our institutional collaboration skills and experience.

The worldwide social, economic, and fiscal impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, supply chain challenges, and previously existing fiscal and financial challenges across many countries, governments, states, and municipalities present a unique and timely opportunity to leverage PPP transactions for infrastructure development and upgrades for social, economic, and public welfare benefits. The rise of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) awareness also serves as an accelerator for procurement that serves to modernize and improve infrastructure and related public services compliant and supportive of ESG goals and objectives. 

PPP structures are an alternative means to procure capital-intensive infrastructure projects leveraging private sector capital and efficiency. Combining public sector resources with private sector expertise can unlock growth and deliver transformational infrastructure.

Delivering a successful PPP is resource intensive, and requires careful planning and management including economic and financial analysis. As a result, and to ensure success, public sector leaders require that appropriate structures and mechanisms be established to monitor performance and ensure that projects are delivered on time. While private sector leaders need the assurance that a project is commercially viable and the confidence that it stays that way. Support from an experienced, capable, and trusted advisor is essential to the success of PPP projects.

PPP advisory services are core to what we do as commercial advisors and project delivery specialists. We advise across the entire PPP project lifecycle, from the feasibility phase to PPP procurement and transaction, while also being able to closely monitor and control the performance and value for money throughout the project lifecycle. Our experience in PPPs across multiple sectors has granted us a roster of financial and commercial modeling experts; in addition, our construction, contractual, and commercial advisory experts possess extensive experience in the structuring, assessment, and procurement of infrastructure and capital projects.

For our public sector clients, our team is adept at creating commercial structures, mechanisms, and appropriate checks and balances tailored to the specific needs of public sector clients and their project public policy objectives. Our experience in both public and private sectors brings to bear best practices, as well as knowledge of counterparty strategies.

For our private sector clients, our experience advising procurement authorities on project structuring, procurement, and delivery arrangements gives us unique insights into what the public sector looks for when considering private sector participation in PPP projects. We bring experience not only in bid support but also in project due diligence as well as contract execution and project implementation.


PPP Readiness: Private Sector
  • Business strategy alignment with PPPs
  • Market and entry strategies
  • Effective governance and controls
    Business/ investment case development
PPP Readiness: Public Sector
  • PPP enabling environment
  • Institutional capacity building
    Competent governance of PPPs
Project Evaluation: Private Sector
  • Commercial, financial, and operational due diligence
  • Consortium structuring and bid strategy
  • Financing options analysis and funding strategies
  • Financial modeling and feasibility
  • Risk management
Project Evaluation: Public Sector
  • Selecting appropriate projects
  • Defining responsibility and controls
  • Feasibility and risk analysis of PPP opportunities
  • Value for Money assessment
Managing Projects: Private Sector
  • Project execution and management support
  • Independent project and program reviews
  • Project intervention and turnaround
Managing Projects: Public Sector
  • Monitoring of contract performance
  • Project integration management
Project Procurement: Private Sector
  • Bid support including:
    • Preparation of bid documentation
    • Negotiations and financial close support
  • Risk and scope management
  • Appropriate partnership/ delivery vehicle
Project Procurement: Public Sector
  • Procurement options analysis
  • Design and management of tender process and documents
  • Evaluation and selection of bids
  • Managing requests for clarification
  • Virtual data room creation
  • Concession contract development and negotiation

The Ankura Difference

Ankura helps clients improve the performance of public and private partnerships and have a broad range of capabilities, including procurement and supply chain specialists as well as project management and change experts. Our team combines industry expertise with deep engineering and capital project experience. Our support helps clients understand their projects, start and progress them to plan, and deliver on cost and performance objectives.

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