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Value Creation Planning

Driving growth and increasing value

Aligning big picture strategy with tactical execution is a challenge every organization faces. Closing the gap between strategy and execution and staying laser-focused is critical to achieve value creation. Too often value creation planning is done without clear alignment across key stakeholders, undermining execution, and thus missing strategic and financial goals. Without agreed upon prioritization and alignment, management can get distracted by initiatives that do not drive value. To achieve the desired goals, management teams need to collaboratively prioritize the initiatives that will provide the biggest impact.

Ankura’s Value Creation Planning framework catalyzes portfolio companies to achieve their strategic and financial goals by developing a detailed strategic plan bridging current state capability to future state opportunities. This methodology drives alignment, prioritization, and input from the portfolio company, private equity fund, board of directors, and other strategic advisors on the final plan.


Value Creation Plan Development

Ankura works with growth clients to build out strategies and identify capability gaps that might inhibit organizational growth, looking across people, process, technology, and culture. We then collaboratively define, prioritize, and sequence key initiatives to develop comprehensive strategic growth roadmap and high-level plans.

Value Creation Plan Refresh

Ankura leverages a highly engaging approach to assess an organization’s existing Value Creation Plan against the current business environment and capabilities, define or refresh vision for future, develop key people, process, and technology initiatives needed to drive desired business outcomes, prioritize initiatives and develop a strategic roadmap that will serve to guide detailed workplan creation and Value Creation Plan monitoring.

Management Tool Design & Implementation

Ankura’s cloud-based toolset can be rapidly deployed to provide organizations and key stakeholders with access to visual dashboards and detailed workplans that help ensure transparency, clarity, and accountability in Value Creation Plan monitoring.

Pharmaceutical Company

Value Creation Plan Development

Ankura partnered with a Private Equity firm and the management team from their portfolio company to develop a Value Creation Plan to achieve a 110% increase in revenue and 250% improvement to EBITDA over a 3-year timeframe. Ankura refined the overall strategy and worked with leadership to define and prioritize 11 growth and optimization drivers. The Ankura team worked to develop action plans across each driver along with KPIs to track and manage progress towards their 3-year goals.

The Ankura Difference

Ankura partners with organizations to translate high-level strategic goals into focused initiatives and detailed plans to achieve desired results in an accelerated manner. We bring a cohesive approach to driving transformational change across the dimensions of culture, people, process, and technology, solving today’s challenges while equipping the organization for long-term, sustainable success. Our framework develops a comprehensive plan tailored to integrate seamlessly into current structures and meet the needs of the Portfolio Company.

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