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Process Design & Optimization

Developing holistic solutions that drive measurable results

Process variation leads to inefficient operations, impedes growth potential, and impacts financial outcomes. In a world where the pace of change and competition is accelerating by orders of magnitude every year, operating efficiently, optimizing existing capabilities, standardizing, improving, and redesigning business processes and technologies are critical components for building a foundation for sustained success.

Ankura works collaboratively with an organization’s leadership to identify, analyze, prioritize, and improve existing business processes and practices to optimize performance, meet best practice standards, and improve quality and the user experience for customers and end-users.


Process Design & Optimization

Our team of experts works with our clients to get a clear, unbiased perspective on the current state of their operations, prioritize optimization initiatives, execute the initiatives, and build a program for continued success.

Organizational Effectiveness & Design

We help our clients assess their organizational effectiveness and create organizational designs grounded in their strategic priorities and enterprise value creation. Once a program has been built, we help build the skills and capabilities needed to sustain success.

Procurement & Supply Chain Optimization

We work with you to analyze supply chain operations and establish a clear future state that delivers reduced capital requirements, improved profitability, and enhanced value creation.

Business & Requirements Analysis

Organizations that cannot respond quickly to changes in their environment run a significant risk of losing market share and eventually becoming obsolete. Our business analysts have the unique ability to translate business needs into clear technology requirements that enable teams to deliver results.

Process, Policy, & Procedure Development and Optimization

Organic policy and process growth without a strategic view and rigor around necessity and benefit invariably leads to procedural drag and cost. Our experts will develop and/or optimize existing such policies and processes to ensure role clarity, accountability, speed of delivery, and compliance with key internal and external rules and requirements.

Healthcare Technology Organization

Driving Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Ankura collaborated with a national, private equity-backed healthcare technology organization, leading a cross-functional client team to redesign business processes and effectively integrate with a consolidated IT system. Following the engagement, the company saw a 50% reduction in customer implementation time and an 85% error reduction, improving overall customer satisfaction. Ankura also identified critical pain and risk points responsible for a 20% decrease in revenue and streamlined and automated complex, manual operational processes. The resulting optimized revenue cycle resulted in an additional $1.2 million in the first year, with rollout expected to result in ten times revenue recognition.

The Ankura Difference

What differentiates Ankura is our ability to successfully implement redesigned processes across people, culture, technology, and operations, facilitating adoption across the entire enterprise. Our experts bring a broad range of credentials and methodologies, including lean management and Six Sigma, to practically and iteratively develop and implement solutions to achieve business objectives. Ankura experts collaborate with our clients to drive sustained results and a culture of continuous improvement that results in improved customer or employee experiences, efficiencies and cost savings and higher-quality and faster processes.

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