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Michelle C. Andersen

Senior Director

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Michelle Andersen is a Senior Director at Ankura, based in New York, with 19 years of professional experience in engineering for aerospace applications, international trade compliance and technical leadership development. She leads efforts in the Compliance, Investigations, & Oversight practice of Ankura across various disciplines including Team Telecom, CFIUS, information security and trade controls. Her leadership is characterized by the assembly and guidance of a team comprised of individuals with a broad spectrum of professional expertise and varied life experiences. Michelle serves as an engagement director and a subject matter expert (SME) for advisory engagements within the satellite telecommunications sector, leveraging her deep industry knowledge to guide clients through complex challenges. Additionally, she fulfills the responsibilities of an engagement director and SME for third-party monitorship activities, aligned with a CFIUS National Security Agreement, ensuring compliance and overseeing critical security measures.


As a seasoned engineering and compliance professional, Michelle has worked closely at the intersection of product design and compliance, principally in the aerospace & defense sector at a company subject to a government-imposed consent agreement. Michelle has worked with engineers and other product development stakeholders to understand and apply the international trade regulations to complex systems. In these roles, Michelle has worked side-by-side with engineers and other manufacturing personnel to perform jurisdiction & classification reviews and guide company approaches to product design and licensing.

Prior to joining Ankura, Michelle also integrated automated compliance systems into the operations process management software connected to the enterprise resource planning system and primary design systems for a leading aerospace & defense company. She developed and delivered a formalized training program for over 3,500 engineers on proper application of international trade regulations to perform jurisdiction & classification and other core compliance processes.

During her career, Michelle has also led large engineering teams developing complex products for aerospace & defense customers.  Michelle served as the deputy integration lead for the engineering organization during the company’s acquisition by a new parent company. In this role, she oversaw 17 teams as they separated from the original company IT tools and systems and integrated to the new parent company.

She also has experience working as a materials and process engineer working to develop new materials and processes for aerospace applications. This effort was conducted in conjunction with various Department of Defense customers as well as key raw material suppliers and competitors.

Michelle’s professional experience includes:

  • Trade compliance program design and buildout: Helped develop and deploy compliance policies and business process improvements at a Fortune 50 company during and after a consent agreement and deferred prosecution agreement for U.S. export control violations; policies and procedures related to jurisdiction and classification analyses and technology transfers.
  • Former international trade compliance lead for the R&D vertical of a leading multi-national aerospace, technology, and defense company where she developed automated tools to enable over 400 engineers to determine the jurisdiction and classification of products and technologies under U.S. export control regulations).
  • Led a team to modify internal standard work documents to include compliance processes and trained 4,000 employees to understand and interpret government and commerce trade regulations.
  • Technology systems compliance assessment: Assisted IT developers and process owners in the assessment, creation, integration, and enhancement of several applications and tools to ensure compliance with U.S. export controls.
  • Engineering/technology solution buildout: Co-led a cross-functional team to design, test, and implement a jurisdiction and classification tool enabling J&C at inception for company-designed products and technical data.
  • Engineering/technology solution buildout: Co-led a cross-functional team to design, test, and implement an automated marking solution for all company documents.
  • Delivered data and presented findings and progress to corporate trade compliance team throughout and after consent agreement.
  • MS, Quinnipiac University School of Business
  • MS, Purdue University School of Engineering
  • BS, Smith College Department of Engineering
Honors & Awards
  • Society of Women Engineers, 2015
  • Distinguished New Engineer Award
  • Society for International Affairs
  • American Society for Materials
  • Society of Women Engineers

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