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Pascale C. Siegel

Managing Director

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Pascale C. Siegel is a Managing Director at Ankura who brings 20 years of experience in international affairs analysis specializing in socio-political and cross-cultural communications issues. Pascale oversees research poles on Europe/Russia and geo-cyber issues. She leverages her analytical skills, regional expertise, professional networks, and overseas living experience to offer timely and objective analysis on threats, risks, and opportunities across her domains of responsibility. She is based in Washington, DC.


Pascale’s professional experience includes:

  • DHS public-private partnership: Prior to joining Ankura, Pascale led a DHS public-private partnership program designed to foster cross-pollination between the public and private sectors in support of counterterrorism communications efforts. The program identified public and private stakeholders, common issues of concerns, and possible areas and methods of cooperation, and proposed a future program of recurring engagement between public and private entities.
  • Senior geostrategic analyst: From 2011 to 2015, Pascale participated in, developed, and led geostrategic simulations to help public and private clients assess the strategic environment, weigh options, and chart the optimal course of action in response to complex security challenges. Topics have included Brexit, the resurgence of nationalism in Europe, refugees, extremist ideologies in Europe, regional stability, terrorism and transnational criminal networks in the Sahel, regional stability, Libya, Syria, extremist ideologies, and the Pope.
  • Senior analyst: From 2009 to 2011, she led the qualitative analysis of political, security, economic, social, and communications issues in Afghanistan and Iraq to enhance clients’ situational awareness. In support of this effort, she researched topics of interest to clients, designed culturally appropriate research instruments (questionnaires), and analyzed the results of individual and focus group interviews conducted with local populations. Inquiries targeted a wide range of topics, including reconstruction, agricultural development, governance (local and national), security and safety, infrastructure, tribes, corruption, education, women, birth control, justice, and foreign military presence.
  • Communications consultant: From 2005 to 2009, Pascale developed a field and web-based monitoring system of Iraqi Sunni insurgent literature and provided analysis of the material collected to deepen the client’s understanding of the threats it faced. This entailed designing a safe method of collecting and transmitting all kinds of production developed by Sunni insurgent groups locally, translating it, and analyzing it to identify trends and patterns in threats.
  • Communications consultant: During the same timeframe, Pascale co-authored two strategic communications campaign concepts designed to counter hostile propaganda in the Middle East and Afghanistan. One, called “Divide and Prosper,” sought to turn the target audience into stakeholders and increase buy-in for counterterrorism efforts throughout the greater Middle East. The other project, “Countering the Taliban Narrative,” sought to undermine popular Taliban support and tolerance and promote the work of the Afghan national government on behalf of the Afghan people.
  • Communications consultant: From 1996 to 2001, Pascale worked on a variety of projects relating to NATO’s military campaigns in Bosnia (1996-1998) and Kosovo (1999-2000). She drew the lessons of NATO’s public information and information activities’ campaign in support of Operation Joint Endeavour (1996) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and of NATO’s civil-military relations (1997) for the Bosnia lessons learned program. She identified lessons and provided recommendations to improve effectiveness that resulted in changes to NATO and US, French, and UK military doctrines. She also drew public information lessons from NATO’s operations against Serbia in Kosovo (1999-2000) for the US military.

Pascale has a ABD in political science, a MPS in security studies, and a BA in history and political science from the University of Toulouse, as well as an AD in journalism from the University of Tours.

  • ABD, Political Science, University of Toulouse, France
  • Masters, Political Science, Security Studies, University of Toulouse, France
  • BA, History and Political Science, University of Toulouse, France
  • Associate Degree, Journalism, University of Tours, Fr
  • Women in International Security Studies
  • Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • Association of Old Crows
  • French

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