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Peter Daniel

Senior Managing Director

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2000 K Street NW, 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

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Peter Daniel is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC. Peter has over 15 years’ experience advising management teams and Boards of Directors at companies across industries and geographies, with a focus on the manufacturing, technology, and health care industries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Peter supports all phases of the joint venture and alliance lifecycle, including deal negotiation and structuring, integration, and ongoing management and governance.


Peter has presented on partnership strategy and execution to over 50 executive teams and 20 Boards of Directors, and is a guest speaker at Conference Board events and the University of Michigan Law School.

Prior to joining Ankura, Peter was a Partner and Senior Leadership Team member at Water Street Partners, a firm Ankura acquired in 2020. Prior to Water Street, Peter was a leader in CEB’s legal and compliance practice.

Peter’s professional experience includes:

Deal Negotiation and Structuring Experience

Typical scope of work includes: Deal concept development; deal terms and agreement structuring; negotiations strategy, preparation, and facilitation; expert opinion memos; deal team training and coaching

  • Asia Pacific Chemical Co.: Supporting on multi-billion-dollar petrochemical joint venture with European partner. Support includes managing an integrated transaction roadmap; developing deal concept, structure, and terms; developing negotiation strategy
  • European Tech Co: Supported the negotiation & structuring of a strategic partnership with an Asia Pacific mining co. that included an equity investment in the tech co. and creation of a JV
  • North American Aerospace and Defense Co.: Supported negotiation of a JV with a Middle Eastern state-owned partner, including facilitation of negotiating sessions between the counterparties and “holding the pen” on deal concept, wiring diagrams, term sheets, and integrated business case
  • European Life Sciences Co.: Generated and evaluated deal options for a partnership with a USA alternative energy co; conducted “deep-dives” into staffing, IP, governance, exit terms; advised on negotiation approach
  • European Media Co.: Conduct annual deal team training on partnership structuring, negotiation, and launch, including internal and external case studies and analysis
  • North American Financial Services Co.: Advised regional head on approach to partnering in Asia Pacific countries where local partner helps with nationalist sentiment and changing laws

Integration Experience

Typical scope of work includes: Organizational design; strategy and operations plan development/review; implementation of governance structure and workings

  • Middle Eastern Aerospace and Defense JV: Supported Board in developing and implementing strategy, people, and ops plans, joint governance model, delegations of authority schedule, information sharing guidelines; conducted Board Director training and ongoing coaching
  • North American Chemical Joint Venture: Supported Board to define the governance system, including Board Director selection, Board posture, Board calendar, and Board decision-making
  • North American Tech Co.: Developed partnership framework, including key management and governance roles, key decision-making forums, and key joint processes, to guide client and partner across a multi-year transition of ownership of an operating facility

Management and Governance Experience

Typical scope of work includes: JV operating model assessments and redesign; JV governance assessments and redesign; JV org model; JV strategy & innovation; JV Board training; JV CEO coaching

  • North American Healthcare JV: Developed Guiding Principles capturing owners’ strategic intent toward JV; facilitated Board discussion and approval of governance and operating model changes needed to deliver on Guiding Principles
  • North American Financial Services JV: Assessed JV’s governance practices and developed recommendations to update governance model; facilitated multiple Board sessions to align Board and management on recommendations and implementation plan
  • North American Aerospace and Defense Co.: Developed Board Governance manual to guide Directors serving across multiple JVs; developed individual JV Board Books summarizing each JV’s governance practices, key terms in JVA, influencing environment, key historical events, etc.
  • North American Healthcare JV: Worked with management team and Board to develop and align on strategic priorities, including facilitation of multiple Board sessions to agree on funding, parent company support, etc.
  • North American Healthcare JV: Supported management team and Board of Directors to 1) determine how innovation “fits” in the JV (versus with its two shareholders), 2) capture and communicate the state of the innovation pipeline, and 3) develop org structure and processes for pursuing prioritized innovation opportunities
  • BS, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service

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