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Shelly Mady

Senior Managing Director

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Shelly Mady is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in New York. Shelly has twelve years of experience in the application of data analytics related to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations, internal corporate investigation support, regulatory enforcement response, revenue restatement exercises, data remediation, and compliance monitoring across a wide variety of industries. Shelly has worked on numerous matters involving government agencies to establish fact patterns and anomalies in large disparate data sets, using advanced data mining techniques. Her experience has been used beyond investigative and regulatory matters, as she has also assisted many stakeholders in compliance, legal, and risk functions with developing proactive continuous monitoring analytics.


Shelly’s professional experience includes:

  • SEC Investigation: Directed data analytics forensic review of sales practice activities for $2B+ corporation in response to SEC investigation. Led data-driven restatement adjustments for corrective disclosure working across stakeholders including internal/external counsel and company C-suite. Interviewed client personnel to identify and understand relevant systems and reporting practices. Reconciled against core systems for capture of sales related and incentive data and calculated key metrics for sales related analyses.
  • FCPA Monitorships: Assisted independent monitors in the review and assessment of anti-bribery and internal accounting controls through the acquisition and subsequent review of 900+ GB of data. Led and managed teams in the testing of financial data in the areas of AP, AR, GL and T&E. Evaluated and tested control effectiveness on segregation of duties and compliance monitoring.
  • Post-Acquisition Due Diligence Analytics and Compliance Monitoring: Led a team of compliance, technology, and data analytics professionals in the development of ongoing advanced analytics centered on FCPA risk. The team was responsible for identifying the full universe of relevant data sources, merging disparate enterprise resource planning systems into a unified data model, and applying analytics and visualization capabilities in near-real time to be used for ongoing compliance needs and reporting.
  • Federal Reserve Investigation: Supervised and managed an international Federal Reserve investigation centered on internet protocol and transactional activity from sanctioned countries at a multinational banking and financial services firm. Led a team of analytics professionals who processed terabytes of data and developed complex analyses used to trace and relate transactional activity back to IP addresses.
  • FINRA/SEC Investigation: Conducted a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and SEC data lookback on trading information of intermarket sweep orders in accordance with Regulation National Market System. Led the lookback procedures by identifying the necessary market and client data needed to detect erroneous intermarket sweep orders.
  • SEC Regulatory Investigation: Managed a team for a Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory investigation of a large multinational banking and financial services firm to remediate historical due diligence issues on high-net-worth accounts. The team was responsible for identifying the population of impacted clients, reconciling the fees and market values across incongruent systems, and computing the total remediation fees and interest owed. During the investigation, the team remediated discrepancies with respect to the cash/sweep funds, position differences, pricing differences, and missing shares impacting the final computation.
  • Department of Justice Investigation: Supported external counsel through the analysis of disparate data sources to identify, quantify, and remediate allegedly improper payments by a large pharmaceutical company in response to a government whistleblower investigation. Managed a team that developed tailored analytics focused on healthcare provider(HCP) payments, promotional speaker program activity, sales rep activity and spend, and fee-for-service caps.
  • Continuous Monitoring Analytics: Led the development of continuous monitoring analytics and tools for internal audit teams specifically in the healthcare, human and environment health, and manufacturing industries. Oversaw multidisciplinary teams in the joint development of customized analytics to highlight potential risk areas. Worked in healthcare analytics focused on employee travel and entertainment (specifically around HCP interaction), conflicts of interest, and accounts payable, with an emphasis on risk-scoring transactional, HCP, rep, vendor, and employee activity.
  • External Audit Support: Supported an external audit team serving an audio/video technology client by applying advanced analytics techniques to large data sets. The team received more than 1,000 files and 105 GB of data. Oversaw the gathering, mapping, and analysis of all necessary data points to review revenue restatement processes performed by other consultants.
  • Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Analytics: Managed teams in the design and implementation of forensic analytics testing on financial data to detect unusual transactions and identify gaps in data on anti-bribery and anti-corruption assessments. Worked with clients across numerous industries, including (but not limited to) pharmaceutical, oil and gas equipment services, telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and agribusiness.
  • Revenue Recognition/Damages Remediation: Performed intensive data mining to detect fraudulent activity in cable services data and calculated damages in merger acquisition. Served as the data analytics subject matter expert responsible for the design and development of data models used to support the restatement of financial reports due to fraudulent revenue recognition at a telecommunications company.
  • FCPA Investigation: Served on an FCPA investigation, working internationally for seven months as a database analyst. Responsibilities included identifying and validating hundreds of files and conducting client calls to retrieve necessary system information for documenting business rules to connect the disparate data sources.


  • Honors BS, University of Delaware
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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