Lee Alex Dunstan

Alex Dunstan-Lee
Senior Managing Director

Data & Analytics; Data Governance & Compliance; Investigations & eDiscovery

Alex Dunstan-Lee is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura and leads the Data & Technology group (EMEA & APAC). Alex supports the team’s client delivery and practice development efforts across all areas including data privacy, eDiscovery, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and structured analytics and custom solution development. Alex has extensive experience supporting clients with their data challenges in the context of litigation, investigations, and regulatory response. Moreover, as a qualified lawyer by background, Alex brings working knowledge of legal process in regulatory investigations and disputes from his practical experience in the legal profession.


  • Experience

    Alex has supported major corporates not only in reacting to data challenges posed by specific incidents but also in providing pro-active strategic consulting support to help companies become more effective at managing data in the legal and regulatory context on an ongoing basis.

    Alex has also been involved in running ‘mock’ dawn raids at clients’ premises to help them assess their data response capabilities in these circumstances.

    Alex has also been involved in many multi-jurisdictional engagements and is experienced in managing the challenges that data privacy and data security requirements can impose on such matters.  Beyond the UK, Alex has led engagements involving countries such as Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Russia, Japan, and the US.

    Alex’s professional experience includes:

    • Major on-site e-Discovery project (Banking Sector – UK / Switzerland / France) – Alex led a team responsible for supporting a bank with a high-profile investigation. The data needing to be reviewed by the bank’s legal team (1 terrabyte+) was highly sensitive and could not leave the bank’s offices. Alex’s team developed an onsite infrastructure working within the bank’s security protocols. This enabled the team of lawyers to use sophisticated e-discovery software on-site to review more efficiently this large body of data (predominantly e-mails). Another challenge for the bank was that the data in question also involved various disparate structured database data (for example, sales and customer databases). The team developed a bespoke database to pull in data from these disparate sources and created an interface for the lawyers so that they could productively search these disparate structured data sources.
    • High Court e-Disclosure (UK) – Alex led a team supporting a client and their lawyers with their e-disclosure requirements in major litigation. This included data collection, data processing, review support, and production elements. The team worked closely with the IT representatives at the client to help ensure the scope of disclosure was appropriate. Alex supported the lawyers in their response to the e-disclosure questionnaire and in their dialogue with the other side to help them ensure a reasonable and proportionate response.
    • Mock Dawn Raids (UK/EU) – Alex has supported a number of clients in connection with the carrying out of ‘mock’ regulatory raids. Alex’s role on such raids has been to help the client understand the data requirements involved and thereby to help the client be better prepared.  Such ‘mock’ raids range from those involving an unannounced visit and physical data collection to those carried out in a training room environment.
    • Multi-jurisdictional data privacy consulting – Alex led a consulting engagement for a major energy company to provide guidelines for collecting data in the 80+ countries in which it operated. The exercise required the creation of a usable guide that the in-house lawyers could follow when needing to collect data across the globe.
    • Data analytics (UK) – Alex led an engagement supporting a client with its response to the Libor investigation by the FCA. This involved enabling the client to work more effectively with Bloomberg data in order to support its representations to the regulator. Alex’s team developed a visualisation tool from available structured data sources which could then be used to connect with e-mail data from other sources.
    • Data security consulting (UK) – Alex led a security consulting engagement for a client who was looking to perform a gap analysis against ISO 27001. Alex was involved in interviewing stakeholders, gathering information, and in making a report to legal counsel to clearly communicate the current position of the organisation regarding security standards and to present a roadmap for improvement.
    • OFT requests for information (UK) – Alex has been involved in supporting clients with a number of regulatory requests for information. In one case, the client was faced with more than 5 terabytes of data needing to be searched in connection with an OFT investigation. Alex worked with the client and the lawyers to support their use of ‘concept-mapping’ technology. This both reduced the amount of data needing to be reviewed and dramatically improved review efficiency. Alex also supported the lawyers in making representations to the regulator about the volumes of data involved and the sophisticated approach of the lawyers (in order to gain extensions of time and improve communication).
    • Information Governance consulting (EMEA / US) – Alex led a consulting engagement on behalf of a major global energy company in order to assess its information governance capabilities in the context of litigation and regulatory response and any potential areas of risk or cost saving. Alex interviewed key stakeholders in the organisation across its main regions of operation and delivered an extensive report on the areas of people, process, and technology regulatory. Alex made recommendations to the organisation which would help to limit its risks involved in e-discovery response (in particular through improved governance and co-ordination) and which had the potential to save significant costs through enhanced in-house technology.


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