Andras Molnar
Managing Director

CFE; Project Management; Claims Audit; Valuation & Financial Modeling

Andras Molnar is a Managing Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC where he manages the audit and financial modeling and valuation teams, focused on the past decade of work on financial modeling, valuations and asbestos claim audits for the firm.

  • Experience

    He manages compliance audits for major asbestos trust clients and formulates policy recommendations, including policies related to the review and assessment of medical evidence in support of personal injury claims. He also coordinates with medical experts in the review of medical evidence.

    Andras manages the actuarial and cash flow reporting team of two employees. He performs risk analysis and prepares risk management scenarios for multimillion-dollar trust clients. Andras tracks and consolidates funds receivables, including present value calculations for a major multibillion-dollar asbestos trust client. In addition, he performs quarterly invoicing for insurance recovery purposes and tracks remaining available coverage.

    Andras’ professional experience includes:

    • Designed and built a claim valuation model for a major auto manufacturer client. He generated test scenarios prior to implementation of the live valuation system.
    • Prepared long-term medical care valuation models including present value calculations, and supervised the daily workflow of a valuation team of four employees, working on a personal injury-related matter for a major auto manufacturer client.
    • Assisted new asbestos trust clients with an insurance recovery estimation, including insurance allocation modeling and integrated liability allocation calculations into long-term cash flow models.
    • Designed and implemented periodic actuarial reporting for multibillion-dollar asbestos trust clients. He programmed long-term cash flow models in MS Excel and prepared scenario analyses and present value calculations. He wrote cash flow forecast reports and created presentations for trust meetings.
    • Evaluated and categorized injury allegations for toxic environmental pollution and pharmaceutical cases. He designed and built compensation algorithms based on exposure and disease severity using generally accepted compensation principles. He estimated overall liability and prepared presentations and reports.
    • Conducted analyses in environmental liability matters in the oil and gas industry.
    • Analyzed and developed individual valuation models for various asbestos and silica trusts. He calibrated models to the claimant population and ran scenario analyses.
    • Provided analytical and management support in insurance, environmental, and pharmaceutical litigation matters.