Angela McDanal
Managing Director

Big Data Expertise; Mass Torts

Angela McDanal is a Managing Director at Ankura with more than 12 years of experience providing expert services support in the field of litigation and disputes. Angela’s areas of expertise include big data analytics, complex pattern recognition, and predictive modeling. Her work in estimating current and future claims liability has been used in several high-profile mass tort and product liability matters. She is based in Washington, DC.

  • Experience

    Angela is responsible for providing ongoing data support services and statistical analysis for several multibillion-dollar asbestos trusts. Her expertise in the field of data analytics enables her to provide the trusts with reliable, reasoned, and predictive advice regarding actuarial claims forecasting, payment rates analysis, payment percentage adjustments, and cash flow modeling. Angela’s ability to translate massive amounts of data from a variety of sources into valuable insights has also played a critical role in the favorable outcome of several large asbestos-related bankruptcy cases.

    As part of Angela’s trust management work, she provides detailed filing trend analyses, claim valuation verification, and fraud detection research using complex SAS programming. She manages the ongoing production of essential trust compliance reports and plays an important role in providing targeted data extracts for trust audit activities and claim support services. Her analytics activities also include predictive modeling, text mining, sample design, and data visualization.