Angela Sabbe

Angela Sabbe
Managing Director

Data & Analytics; Class Actions; Wage & Hour; Commercial Disputes

Angela Sabbe is a Managing Director based in Los Angeles. She has 20 years of experience advising companies and their counsel on complex data and performing complex, data-intensive financial analyses to determine damages, or potential liabilities for clients in both litigation and privileged consulting capacities. She has extensive experience in all phases of electronic data management including data collection, data validation and quality assessment, detailed data analysis and economic modelling, and synthesis of large volumes of transactional and disparate data. Her specialties include wage and hour class action disputes, timecard and payroll audits, matters involving unreimbursed expenses, healthcare disputes and investigations, consumer protection class actions, financial investigations, royalty and licensing audits, and claims processing.

  • Experience

    Before joining Ankura in 2018, she was most recently a director at Navigant, and previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen.

    Angela’s experience includes:

    • Regional Banks: Assisted multiple regional banks facing class actions alleging erroneous overdraft fees posting to consumer accounts resulting from either the transaction posting order utilized by the bank, or because fees were assessed when the consumer had not “opted in” under Regulation E. Led teams in the analysis of hundreds of millions of transaction, authorization, refund, and accountholder data to quantify potential exposure. Analyses included replication of actual fees assessed as well as calculation of fees that would have been assessed under alternative posting orders.
    • Consumer Class Action: For multiple national manufacturers, performed complex data analyses of warranty claims data from multiple platforms, sales data, and customer service notes to determine the incident rate of various allegations resulting from an alleged design defect in support of affirmative of rebuttal opinions.
    • Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Analyzed over 100 million electronic customer call records in a large class action matter involving TCPA allegations in support of affirmative and rebuttal opinions. On rebuttal, identified significant flaws in plaintiffs’ experts’ data analysis and methodology, resulting in a reduction to claimed TCPA violations by over 60%.
    • Major Wireless Carrier: Provided privileged consulting services and analyzed customer billing data over a multi-year period to estimate the over-billing of USF tax. Replicated consumer statements and calculated the refund amount due each customer.
    • Large Entertainment – Royalty Dispute and Evaluation of Distribution Fees: Data quality assessment and analysis of allocation of distribution costs for cable and pay television, home video, theatrical, and non-theatrical income. Analysis included tracing revenues and expenses through various domestic and international levels of internal financial reporting, confirming data integrity and areas of potential risk before data was transferred to an external party. Analyzed financial impact of various allocation methodologies for different mediums, including creation of dynamic models to facilitate settlement discussions.
    • Service and Construction Technicians – Payroll Audit: Through multiple audits, evaluated employee groups across a variety of geographies, each with its own compensation plan; developed a data repository of timekeeping and payroll data to evaluate payroll compliance with company policies and local labor laws. Work included evaluating the potential financial impact of changes to current pay practices affecting numerous geographies and positions.
    • Nationwide Restaurant Chain– Minimum Wage Violations: Provided privileged consulting services to calculate mileage for millions of deliveries to evaluate claims of unreimbursed driver expenses resulting in minimum wage violations. Evaluated numerous driver costs by expense type, geography, and reimbursements paid. Delivery distances were calculated using both actual address data and latitudinal and longitudinal points.
    • Healthcare Providers – Wage and Hour Violations: Developed analytical data repositories of timekeeping, payroll, and human resource data to evaluate wage and hour claims including unpaid overtime, regular rate, and break violations. Plaintiffs included nurses on standard 8-hour and alternative 10-hour and 12-hour work schedules. Assessed exposure related to alleged improper rates for regular rate calculations.
    • Meal and Rest Break Violations: For multiple employers in restaurant, retail, and manufacturing industries, analyzed time and payroll data to assess potential exposure related to meal and rest period violations, unpaid overtime, and unpaid tips, including statutory penalties. In one matter, analyzed over 83 million point-of-sale transactions to develop a proxy for employee behavior in the class certification stage to demonstrate the opportunities for breaks where timecard documentation did not exist.
    • September 11th Victims Compensation Fund: Site leader in Los Angeles for the Victims Compensation Fund wrongful death adjudication team. Reviewed claims submitted by victims’ families to the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund, established by Congress to compensate families of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Valued claims using compensation and employer benefits data, insurance policies, social security benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and pension plans. Created implementation strategies of methodologies for specific employers. Supervised information gathering, valuation of loss of earnings claims, and staff interaction with government and claimant attorneys, including explanations of valuations and methodologies.

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