Ben Woolley

Ben Woolley
Managing Director

Capital Project Advisory & Dispute Resolution; Schedule Delay & Damages Expert

Ben Woolley is a Managing Director at Ankura based in Fairfield. Ben is a certified Project Management Professional with more than 12 years’ experience in capital project risk management and forensic analysis of construction projects in dispute settings. His expertise includes Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule development and analysis, including baseline schedule development, project progress tracking and risk management, and forensic analysis of schedule delay and disruption. Ben has worked with owners, contractors, sub-contractors, insurers, and the insured in development and resolution of construction claims including issues such as schedule delay, acceleration, loss of productivity, period of interruption/liability, and cost overruns.

  • Experience

    Ben’s professional experience includes:

    Dispute Resolution

    • Developed a forensic schedule analysis to determine the delay in completing a mid-rise residential complex in Houston that was impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
    • Performed an analysis of the costs required to rebuild a biodiesel plant in Memphis, Tennessee following an explosion,and the comparative costs required to rebuild the plant as it existed prior to the accident (appraisal).
    • Developed an expert report regarding schedule delay and resulting damages on a retirement community renovation in southern Florida (arbitration).
    • Analyzed the productivity for railroad installation on a major infrastructure project in Canada to determine the loss of productivity resulting from lack of continuous work site access. Assisted the contractor in development of a change order request.
    • Developed a forensic schedule analysis and expert report regarding the period of interruption following an explosion at an olefins plant in Louisiana (arbitration).
    • Determined the schedule impact of a curtainwall sub-contractor default that occurred at a critical juncture of an ongoing project to construct high-rise and mid-rise dormitories at a major university.
    • Assisted a major government contractor in the development of requests for equitable adjustment to recover losses due to the cumulative impact of design changes made by a government agency on a $1 billion engineering program.
    • Analyzed the startup and commissioning of a coal-fired power plant to determine the impact of catastrophic failure of the air quality control system (AQCS) to substantial completion of the project.
    • Assisted the owner of a combined cycle power plant in analyzing delay claims brought by a contractor alleging failure to meet contract obligations in issuance of design documents, RFI response time, equipment supply, and change order administration.

    Capital Project Advisory

    • Provided technical schedule advisory services to a general contractor during construction of a 43-story high-rise apartment building. Services included review of progress schedules and analysis of schedule delay impacts during construction.
    • Assisted an insurer with review and analysis of the cost of remedial work for structural retrofits on a healthcare facility. Services included review of budgets, proposals, bids, and analysis of costs incurred as work was performed.
    • Performed an assessment of project schedules for an over $1 billion hospital program. Services included analysis of critical path schedules to determine potential delay impacts, key risk factors, and assess a realistic view of the path forward.
    • Provided monthly progress monitoring for the owner of a 110,000 square foot laboratory facility. Services included analysis of contractor’s monthly schedule updates to determine variances in the critical path, identify potential areas of delay or disruption, and highlight variances in logic and sequencing.
    • Performed a risk assessment for high-rise and mid-rise residential projects across the northeast US for a major developer. Services included a technical review of the baseline schedules to identify potential execution issues, areas for improvement, risks, and potential mitigation opportunities.

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