Brian Bowman
Senior Managing Director

Strategic Advisor; Transformational Strategy & Change Leader

Brian Bowman is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, located in Nashville. Drawing on more than 20 years of consulting experience, he is an expert in accelerating transformational business change, effected through the integration of mergers and acquisitions, strategy development and execution, and the planning, selection, and implementation of enterprise resources.

  • Experience

    Brian held a number of leadership roles within c3/Consulting until the firm was acquired by Ankura in 2018. Prior to c3, he worked as a consultant with IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Earlier in his career, he held different positions in the healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

    Brian’s professional experience includes:

    • Strategy and Process Integration, Data Analysis and Benchmarking Organization: Led the development of plans that supported scaling on a global basis, with an emphasis on technology-driven projects and solutions.
    • Global Technology Platform Planning and Implementation, Multiple Clients: Guided the development of the IT infrastructure, management processes, and governance structures needed to support replacing the primary technology platform. Working with clients in the technology, manufacturing, and financial sectors, these transitions to upgraded technologies also incorporated changes to the clients’ core business processes.
    • Services Divestiture and Integration, Healthcare Company: Guided a Fortune 500 company’s divestiture of an on-site healthcare services division and helped integrate it into the operations of the new owner.
    • Process Development and Implementation, Intellectual Property Rights Company: Facilitated the definition of agile methodology, processes, and organizational roles that would support the development of new software products and IT solutions. The project also involved the oversight of the year-long transition to the revamped organizational structure and the adoption of the new methodology and processes.
    • Strategic Planning, Logistics and Distribution Company: Helped leadership define the goals, strategies, and requirements for new technology and processes that would support evolving financial-reporting needs and requirements.
    • Innovation Facilitation, Multiple Clients: Facilitated brainstorming sessions and structured ideation workshops for C-suite and other top executives in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology and supply-chain sectors to help them to generate fresh ideas for new products, services, and avenues for growth and to find creative approaches to complex “wicked problems.”
    • Business Planning and Project Management Improvements, Healthcare Services Company: Led a year-long initiative to change existing strategic-planning practices and to introduce a practical approach to project governance, planning, and execution. The project included establishing an enterprise-wide project management office.
    • Business Process Analysis, Reengineering, and Design, Multiple Sectors: Worked with companies in healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution on a wide range of process-oriented projects, from targeted improvements to comprehensive reengineering as well as the design and launch of new products and processes. These initiatives often encompassed providing guidance across functional areas, such as design-to-market, plan-to-inventory, procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, among other end-to-end processes.
    • Implementation of Methods, Tools, and Techniques, Multiple Clients: Introduced best practices for clients in various industries, focusing on balanced scorecard metrics, operational controls, forecasting and demand planning, inventory integrity, process analysis, quality, and procurement.
    • IT Strategic Analysis and Business Case Development, Global Manufacturer: Led an initiative to identify the enterprise resources planning (ERP) software that would best support the long-term needs of the company’s North American division. Brian studied strategic alternatives, performed comprehensive cost analysis, and prepared a business case.
    • New Process and Technology Platform/Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation, Multiple Clients: Managed multiple, successful implementations of Tier 1 ERP solutions for national and global organizations. Many of these initiatives have involved hands-on oversight of large, diverse teams composed of client staff, consultants, and employees of third-party partners.
    • Capacity and Resource Planning, Multiple Clients: Worked with companies in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, aerospace, insurance, and financial services to develop and implement processes for skills assessments, analysis of resource allocation, identification of resource capacity and bottlenecks, resource forecasting, and time entry.

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