Brian Bowman
Senior Managing Director

Mergers & Acquisitions; Strategy & Operations; Business Transformation

Brian Bowman is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Nashville. Brian has over two decades of experience leading business transformation. Brian’s people-centric approach establishes a culture of collaboration, trust, and organizational commitment through all stages of transformational change from creation and shaping of strategies through planning and execution of projects that achieve desired outcomes.

  • Experience

    Brian’s focus areas include strategic planning, facilitation, and leadership for transformational initiatives that require changes in culture, strategy, technology, and core business processes. His consulting experience includes leadership for initiatives to implement structural changes (e.g., acquisition integrations, divestitures, and changes in leadership structures), launch new services and products, and implement new technology strategies and platforms. He has experience in several industries spanning services, technology, manufacturing, and distribution. In addition, Brian provides coaching and mentoring for c-suite business leaders. He is a certified instructor for The Effective Facilitator, a nationally recognized approach to teaching facilitation methods and techniques.

    Brian was one of the founding partners and executive vice president at c3/consulting, which was acquired by Ankura in 2018.  Prior to that, Brian directed an enterprise project management office (PMO) for a healthcare company and had roles with leading consulting practices at IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

    Brian’s professional experience includes:

    • Leads an initiative for a growing global organization to develop a roadmap to enable scaling of the organization, with focus on delivery of technology-driven solutions. Developing a roadmap for integrating global business needs and an ecosystem for delivering technology-driven initiatives to consolidate business needs, develop and implement new products and services, streamline and automate core business processes, and overhaul the IT function’s structure, processes, and infrastructure.
    • Led an initiative for a global organization to establish the infrastructure, management processes, and governance structures needed to replace their core technology platform, including core business process change.
    • Provided leadership and direction for a consulting team who managed programs to complete the divestiture of a Fortune 500 company division and integrate the divested organization with the operations of the acquiring organization. Provided leadership for consultants focused on managing the separation of key operational and technological infrastructure components from the divesting parent organization, while working for the acquiring organization to complete the integration of the divested organization into their process and technological infrastructure.
    • Facilitated the definition of an agile-focused methodology, processes, and organizational roles used to develop and implement new technology-driven products and solutions. Implemented the new methodology, processes, and roles over a one-year period.
    • Facilitated the definition of goals, strategies, and requirements for new technology and processes to support the consolidation and financial reporting needs for a leading logistics and distribution company.
    • Facilitated ideation sessions and structured workshops to generate fresh and innovative ideas for enabling growth, development of new products and services, and enabling solutions to “wicked problems”.
    • Led a 1+ year initiative to introduce a practical approach for project governance, planning, and execution for a healthcare services company. The project included changes to the organization’s strategic planning processes and the establishment of an enterprise PMO.
    • Led process-oriented projects for companies in healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution, ranging from targeted process improvements to comprehensive process reengineering as well as the design and implementation of new products and processes. Process-related experience includes management of reengineering projects across functional areas including end-to-end processes such as Design-to-Market, Plan-to-Inventory, Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Strategy-to-Execute.
    • Implemented best practice methods, tools, and techniques. Focus areas included balanced scorecard metrics, operational controls, forecasting and demand planning, inventory integrity, process analysis, quality, and procurement.
    • Led an initiative for a global manufacturing company to analyze strategic alternatives, perform comprehensive cost analysis, and prepare a business case to support the best long-term Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software approach for their North American division. Conducted analysis of all people, process, and technology components,.
    • Managed multiple successful implementations of Tier 1 ERP solutions for national and global organizations. Provided hands-on leadership for strategy and planning phases, collaboration with c-suite stakeholders, and leadership of governance processes and steering functions.
    • Developed and implemented capacity and resource planning processes in multiple companies including skills assessments, analysis of resource allocation, identification of resource capacity and bottlenecks, and implementation of resource forecasting and time entry.

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