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Casey Griffin
Senior Director

Legal Technology Solutions; Discovery Consulting

Casey Griffin is a Senior Director at Ankura. She has over 14 years of experience working closely with corporate legal departments and outside counsel to provide strategic guidance for high profile regulatory and litigation discovery matters. She has extensive expertise in large scale discovery reviews, productions, and management of complex data.

  • Experience

    Casey leads the committee that created, implemented, and manages the center of excellence for the discovery team. The center of excellence streamlines workflows and increases operational efficiencies, standardization, and quality control processes. It provides consistency and accountability of compliance across all projects and teams which mitigates risk for clients.

    Casey’s professional experience includes:

    • On a large joint defense engagement, Casey manages the load quality control team and oversees the reporting aspects of the project. She has streamlined processes to increase efficiencies and has created a global notification process for numerous aspects of the case to provide real-time communications to all relevant parties.
    • Casey led a team that provided expert discovery services for a large international bank. She managed the end-to-end discovery process for numerous regulatory investigations and civil litigations that spanned several years and involved multiple outside counsel firms. To help manage a project of this magnitude, Casey implemented a request tracking tool that provided a complete audit history for all matters and real-time stats updates for all requests.
    • Casey was the project manager overseeing the review and production process on large scale SEC and DOJ investigations of a mortgage firm. Her responsibilities included creating work flow processes for over 40 various reviews, building reporting to track all reviews, regularly modifying review processes to account for changes in scope and priorities, and running audits to ensure all collections, review, and productions were complete for over 130 custodians and various one-off review requests. Casey managed the production process and successfully produced three million documents and over 32 million pages.