Christopher Goforth

Christopher Goforth
Senior Director

Compliance Program Operations; Strategic Integration; Enterprise Risk Management

Christopher Goforth is a Senior Director at Ankura who focuses on the development, implementation, assessment, and improvement of healthcare compliance and ethics programs. He is based in New York.

  • Experience

    Christopher has been a compliance and ethics professional for 20 years.  Prior to joining Ankura, he served in compliance leadership roles at regional and national healthcare systems, including globally recognized academic medical centers, where he built a reputation for developing, sustaining, and enhancing the integrity of compliance programs.

    With a deep understanding of healthcare operations, Christopher offers a practical and tailored approach to the most complex compliance challenges.  He is a subject-matter expert on a wide-range of healthcare compliance topics, including:  standards of conduct compliance; patient civil rights; conflicts-of-interest; physician and referral source compliance; excluded provider systems; research and data governance; false claims compliance; record retention and destruction systems; implementation of corrective action plans to meet regulatory corporate integrity agreement, resolution agreement, and settlement agreement obligations; and enterprise risk assessment, management, and mitigation.

    Christopher is a member of the Health Care Compliance Association and is certified in healthcare compliance and healthcare research compliance.  He is also a member of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health and has co-authored a chapter for The Health Care Compliance Professional’s Manual titled, “Clinical Research Compliance and Physician Interaction with the Research Enterprise”.