Christopher L. Schulte
Managing Director

Economic Damages & Intellectual Property Expert

Christopher L. Schulte is a Managing Director based in Ann Arbor. Chris has been a consultant focused on financial issues pertaining to intellectual property since 2003. His practice concentrates on the valuation and licensing of IP and the determination of economic damages in IP litigation. Chris has consulted with clients regarding licensing, damages, and valuation issues associated with many types of IP, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights. While the specific issues have varied from case to case, many of his past litigation-related engagements have included the evaluation and analysis of financial and accounting data in order to quantify lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, unjust enrichment, and diminished business value.

  • Experience

    Chris has also provided analytical, strategic, and corporate finance support to clients engaged in IP licensing negotiations, patent portfolio sales and acquisitions, and other business transactions. These engagements have included the provision of strategic guidance during negotiation preparation, direct support of ongoing negotiations, and the design and formation of IP-licensing businesses. Chris has also worked in support of several bankruptcy engagements involving IP valuation issues.

    Chris has also published articles and instructed courses about IP licensing, valuation, opportunity assessment, and damages issues.

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