David R Tortorello

David R. Tortorello

Executive & Market Leader; Construction Advisory, Claims, & Cost Analysis

David R. Tortorello is the Vice-Chairman at Ankura, based in New York. He has more than 35 years of experience in global construction projects in the areas of claims analysis, engineering design, project management, and scheduling.

  • Experience

    With his global perspective, David is a recognized expert in analysis and has managed several client relationships. His knowledge base spans a broad range of construction claims for high rise buildings, power plants, oil refineries, prisons, wastewater treatment plants, rail transportation systems, airports, hotels, and schools. His experience also includes computer schedule preparation for forensic analysis, development of as-built schedules, damage claim analysis, design and construction technical analysis, and evaluation of opposing analysis.

    David has testified in all legal forums including both state and federal courts and International Chamber of Commerce arbitrations. His professional experience includes:

    • Saskpower: Turbine Upgrade and Carbon Capture Storage Plant (Canada) – $1.5 billion construction cost. Engaged by the owner/operator on an international power plant to perform forensic schedule and damages analysis in responding to claims submitted by multiple contractors across multiple contracts/projects and assist in preparing counterclaims. Worked with external counsel in preparing for legal proceedings, both mediation and arbitration.
    • Geismar, Louisiana Olefins Plant Business Interruption Claim: Performed detailed review and analysis of project schedules that were maintained for the rebuild and expansion projects. The ultimate resolution of insurance coverage was determined via arbitration, where David’s expert testimony was relied upon to establish the period of business interruption.
    • World Trade Center Building: Provided cost and schedule analysis and assisted the major stakeholders with the Master Development Program at the World Trade Center site.
    • Pittsburgh International Airport: Developed a claims management system that provides easy identification of disputed change orders thus allowing quick and efficient response, documentation, and analysis of potential claims.
    • Defense advisory: Directed the defense of a $750 million claim brought against the operator of a nuclear plant by its co-owners for alleged mismanagement of a two-year outage and directed projects dealing with multiple subcontractor lawsuits in excess of $20 million against the construction manager and owner.

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