Debbie Troklus
Senior Managing Director

Compliance; Effectiveness; Billing & Coding; Risk Assessments & Interim Compliance

Debbie Troklus is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with more than 27 years of experience in the compliance industry where she has acted as an interim compliance officer, conducted compliance effectiveness and risk and billing and coding assessments, provided education and training for board of directors, in addition to consulting on regulatory compliance, with a focus on the healthcare sector. She is based out of Chicago.

  • Experience

    Debbie’s professional experience includes:

    • Health Care Compliance Association/Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE): As a founding member of the HCCA, Debbie developed a collaborative forum promoting integrity and ethical behavior through the entire healthcare industry. She is currently acting as dean as well as a faculty member for the domestic and international compliance academies, teaching classes on compliance, compliance program structure, buy-in and commitment from leadership, and compliance education and training.
    • Compliance Certification Board: Serves as president of the CCB, leading the test development process for seven compliance-related certifications that focus on domestic and international compliance, including healthcare (CHC, CHC-F), privacy (CHPC), research (CHRC), international compliance (CCEP-I), and ethics (CCEP and CCEP-F).
    • Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment: Conducted compliance program effectiveness assessments for organizations to identify areas of best practice and areas that need improvement, assisting with the development of an ongoing work plan.
    • Compliance: Debbie served as an AVP of Compliance for a large academic medical center for sixteen years.
    • Board Expert: Retained as a board expert in response to an organization’s corporate integrity agreement. She attends board meetings and conducts periodic effectiveness assessments of the compliance program.
    • Independent Review Organization: Appointed as a Risk IRO in response to an organization’s corporate integrity agreement. Reviews and evaluates the risk program’s effectiveness.
    • Ethics Program Review: Led the review of an organization’s ethics program to ensure that statutory requirements were met and the program was operating in an effective manner. Managed the development of an auditing and monitoring manual and staff education.
    • Provider Coding and Billing Review: Managed staff in conducting a review of billing and coding practices to evaluate coding accuracy, analyzed results, prepared audit reports, and conducted follow-up education.
    • Interim Compliance Staffing: Selected to act as the compliance officer on an interim basis for a large provider foundation with over 1,500 physicians. This assignment included compliance program development and management of ongoing operations.
    • Risk Assessment: Conducted a risk assessment, developed a risk matrix, engaged the client in the risk prioritization process, and assisted in the development of a mitigation plan.
    • Board Education: Developed and conducted education for a healthcare organization’s board of directors on their roles and responsibilities related to compliance program oversight.

  • Honors & awards

    • HCCA – Pinnacle Award
    • SCCE – Compliance and Ethics Award

  • News & events
    • 2018 HCCA Basic Compliance Academy, Session 1: “Compliance Infrastructure,” Session 2: “Compliance Education and Training,” 5/14-17/2018, Boston, MA; 6/11-14/2018
    • Ankura Announces Strategic Combination With Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center LLP,” Ankura News, 1/22/2018
    • SCCE International Academies; “Compliance 101 and Obtaining Buy-In and Commitment from Management,” 1/8/2017, Dubai; 5/15/2017, Amsterdam; 4/10/2017, Singapore; 9/21/2017, Brazil; 9/25/2017, Spain; 11/27/2017, Brazil,
    • SCCE Compliance Institute, 10/15/2017, “Compliance 101,” Las Vegas, NV, with Sheryl Vacca
    • HCCA Hawaii Regional, 10/13/2017, “Compliance Program Effectiveness,” Honolulu, HI
    • SCCE European Compliance Institute, 4/2/2017, “Compliance 101,” Prague, with Sheryl Vacca
    • HCCA Compliance Institute, 3/26/2017, “Compliance 101,” Washington, DC, with Sheryl Vacca
  • Insights & innovation


    • “Compliance 101,” Fourth Edition, HCCA, 2016, co-authored with Sheryl Vacca
    • “Compliance 101, How to Build and Maintain an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program,” Second Edition, SCCE, 2015
  • In the community

    • Board Member – Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Health Care Compliance Association
    • President – Compliance Certification Board