Ed Bell
Senior Managing Director

Complex Litigation, Settlement & Mass Claims Administration, Data & Systems

Ed Bell is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with extensive experience in the fields of complex litigation, mass claims processing, management consulting, data analysis, and systems development. He has worked on the design and operations of multiple large settlement administration facilities and led the design and development of mass tort claims processing systems used to process millions of claims and pay billions of dollars to claimants. He is based in Washington, DC.

  • Experience

    Ed’s professional experience includes:

    • Supervises the claims process for a multibillion-dollar automobile diesel emissions settlement.
    • Oversees the processing of claims relating to an automotive parts manufacturer.
    • Administers the trans-vaginal mesh settlement. Led the design and development of protocols, systems, and data analytics.
    • Managed startup of multibillion-dollar settlement trust organization. Activities included development of policies, claims processing procedures, organizational structure, data analysis, and computer-based processing systems.
    • Analyzed factors affecting litigation outcomes for a defendant with a large and diverse litigation history. Developed litigation strategies for classes of cases based on underlying case characteristics and the eventual outcomes.
    • Developed clearinghouse process for settlement fund information that both provided detailed information on a comprehensive list of settlement funds and created a mechanism for issuing notice to relevant parties in a targeted and cost-effective way.
    • Analyzed data from a large settlement trust relating to the filing patterns, nature of deficiencies, cure rates, and payment flow. Implemented controls and fraud detection processes and procedures to protect the trust corpus.
    • Designed procedures and systems for administering a large claims processing operation. Operation ultimately processed millions of claims and paid out billions of dollars in settlements.
    • Advised a claims processing facility on matters relating to fraud detection, audit, financial controls, information security, disaster recovery, and business continuity.
    • Analyzed characteristics of class members in an employment-related class action during the class certification phase.
    • Assessed the economic impact and risks associated with decommissioning a factory for a large consumer products company. The analysis included consideration for the costs of labor-related reserves for healthcare, job training, outplacement, and anticipated legal fees.
    • Created a web portal design for a large insurance carrier. The portal included an e-marketing strategy in coordination with traditional print, radio, and television marketing; policy quoting and purchase; customer self-service; claims processing; and account payment.
    • Conducted a business system redesign study of physician offices in preparation for their movement to an electronic medical records platform on behalf of a physicians’ association. Evaluated needs, vendor options, risks, benefits, and financial implications and created plan templates for various types of physicians’ offices interested in implementing electronic medical records.
    • Managed teams on the design, development, and implementation of the following matters: an e-commerce portal for a specialty automotive parts distributor, a multitenant e-commerce portal for an office products retailer, and a national chain of self-storage facilities.
    • Created an online strategy for an international frequency marketing company and led the design, development, and implementation of systems to support the delivery of large-scale frequency marketing programs.
    • Analyzed key performance metrics for a national chain of convenience stores, and led the design, development, and implementation of management and reporting systems.

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    • Curry School, Board Member, University of Virginia