Elias Psyllos
Managing Director

Digital Investigations; Internal Investigations; Government Experience; eDiscovery

Elias Psyllos is a Managing Director at Ankura with over 10 years of experience working on forensic and litigation consulting engagements including corporate internal investigations, eDiscovery related matters, preservation of electronic date, computer forensics investigations, and mobile forensic investigations. He has experience handling matters connected to professional services, operations, strategy, project management, and the innovation and utilization of technology for his clients. The core of his professional service experience has been in consulting around computer forensics and eDiscovery.

  • Experience

    Elias has experience maintaining client relationships and managing teams around digital forensic investigations. Responsibilities include managing and directing teams in conducting the entire forensic engagement, to include the collection, preservation, and examination of digital evidence on computers, mobile devices, tablets, externals hard drives, thumb drives, etc. Elias also provides advisory services to clients on forensically sound process and procedures regarding digital data collection efforts.

    Some examples of his operational investigative experience include:

    • Assisted a large pharmaceutical client in managing the preservation and collection of all paper and electronically stored information identified as part of litigation- and non-litigation-related discovery.
    • Created and executed the process for forensically preserving all relevant client and employee data for a financial and operational advisory firm in regard to archival and legal purposes throughout the company’s “wind down” period.
    • Conducted analysis and provided the findings to Federal Law Enforcement inspectors, attorneys and other agencies.
    • Testified in a federal matter related to a child exploitation digital investigation. Worked closely with assistant US attorneys and Postal Inspectors in assembly of digital findings for trial exhibits/support and in trial preparation.
    • Led a team of forensic investigators in conducting forensic collections, preservations, examinations, and reporting of digital evidence for Fortune 500 corporations, law firms, financial institutions, hedge funds, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and non-profits.
    • Led digital preservation efforts for a client in connection to Securities and Exchange Commission subpoenas to produce forensic copies of the company’s data. Worked with general counsel, external counsel, and IT administrators to identify relevant custodian’s data sources and develop the most efficient plan of execution.
    • Served as a liaison between legal and IT to facilitate activities for implementing strategies around data collection efforts. Created and implemented policies and procedures that align with best industry practices to ensure clients followed forensically sound methodologies.
    • Managed data assessments on various data source types to gain an overview of the data and assess the best course of action for the client. Provided information to counsel to determine which specific data might be relevant for eDiscovery processing and hosting.

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