Gary L. Wingo
Senior Managing Director

Mass Tort Settlement Administration & Advisory Expertise; CFE

Gary Wingo is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with over 30 years of experience in the application of quantitative analysis to business problems, resolutions of mass tort settlements, and other legal matters. He is an expert in developing financial models and claims valuation strategies used to guide the performance of mass tort trusts and settlement funds. He is based in Washington, DC.

  • Experience

    Gary leads Ankura’s mass tort claims audit team and assists in the design, startup, and operation of claims settlement facilities. He was instrumental in the startup and ongoing claims processing activities for both the General Motors ignition switch matter as well as the Volkswagen emissions settlement. In this capacity, the claims review involved both engineering and financial expertise. Gary also provided support in the development of claims processing protocols and valuation methodologies for claims arising from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    He has served as a financial advisor for many large mass tort trusts, and has provided claims auditing services, as well as developed methodologies for forecasting future cash flows of the trusts to ensure equity of treatment to claimants over time. This work involves insurance coverage modeling as well as the overall balancing of assets and liabilities. The claims audit practice involves the review of both personal injury exposure data and medical records while the medical portion involves the supervision of physicians – both pulmonologists and pathologists.

    Gary has testified in an insurance arbitration in London, a trademark case, and before the Virginia state legislature regarding a tax matter affecting military retirees. He has supported numerous legal matters in a support role, employing advanced analytical techniques and in some cases, geospatial modeling. As a fraud examiner, Gary has participated in several cases that required tracing and tracking assets in cases involving divorce, mortgage, and corporate fraud.

    Among his business-related project work, Gary developed a market research practice at KPMG Peat Marwick LLP that involved the design, development, and analysis of research studies for both nonprofit firms and corporations. The practice developed the firm’s first large-scale sales forecasting and site selection models for companies within the consumer markets arena. Clients included Mobil Oil Corporation, the Smithsonian Institution, US Postal Service, Carvel Ice Cream, and DuPont.

    Over the course of his corporate operating career, Gary has been a corporate planner for two major oil companies, an executive in a Fortune 30 IT distributor, and a president/CIO of an internet technology company.

  • In the community

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