Haozhen Zhao
Senior Director

Machine Learning; Algorithmic Trading; Financial Disputes; Software Development

Dr. Haozhen Zhao is a Senior Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. He specializes in machine learning application architecture and development, algorithmic trading systems for securities and cryptocurrencies, and financial disputes. At Ankura, Haozhen focuses on applying cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in developing products and platforms to solve challenging structured and unstructured data analytical problems in the legal industry. Haozhen has also acquired extensive expert advisory and consulting experience in many high-profile financial dispute and investigation cases covering cryptocurrency trading systems, high frequency trading systems, derivatives antitrust litigation, insider trading criminal trial proceedings, and credit card fraudulent activities investigation, among others.

  • Experience

    Haozhen has over a decade of experience in designing and developing machine learning related applications in both academic and industrial settings. Within the Ankura advanced analytics team, Haozhen is the system architect and technical lead in developing the company’s proprietary text analytics platform, which implements advanced analytics technologies such as predictive coding, near duplication detection, email threading, clustering, and key phrases recommendation in facilitating legal document review. In addition to his leading and managerial roles in development, Haozhen is also in charge of the platform’s successful delivery and operation in the US, UK, and Asian environments to serve global clients.

    Haozhen has three years’ consulting experience in complex financial service disputes cases. His roles in these engagements include reviewing and understanding source codes for operational proprietary security and cryptocurrency trading software and exchange platforms and preparing expert reports on the working of trading strategies and systems and analyzing and producing huge volume, generally in tens of terabytes (TBs), transactional data, e.g., unstructured log files and account statements, and structured trade and quote (NYSE TAQ) data. He develops creative in-house big data analytics solutions for rapidly extracting and mining huge volume of transactional data in demanding litigation scenarios.

    Haozhen actively participates in thought leadership efforts in domains such as legal artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. He organizes the annual Big Data Analytics in the Legal Industry Workshop in the IEEE International Conference on Big Data, regularly presents research papers, and serves in program committees in leading legal and technological conferences.

    Haozhen’s professional experience includes:

    Machine Learning Application Architecture & Development

    • Text Analytics Platform for Legal Industry: Haozhen leads and manages the development work of company’s proprietary eDiscovery predictive analytics software with predictive coding, near duplication detection and email threading, clustering, key phrases recommendation, and visual analytics capabilities. He is the chief system architect and technical lead. He also oversees the app’s successful delivery and operation in US, UK, and Asian offices as well as on-premise client sites, with a yearly analyzing load of over several hundred million documents.
    • Cybersecurity: In a web traffic monitoring application, Haozhen designed algorithms to using machine learning techniques to detect suspicious web sessions.
    • Healthcare: Haozhen developed an application to automatically categorize and label medical device and healthcare supply items, which is used to optimize healthcare supply chain management.
    • Transportation: In a credit card frauds case involving a major company in the fleet industry, Haozhen developed a solution that used unsupervised machine learning techniques to find root causes of the fraudulent activities.

    Algorithmic Trading Systems for Securities & Cryptocurrencies

    • SEC Investigation: In an SEC investigation case on an international broker/dealer, Haozhen reviewed client’s proprietary algorithmic trading system code base with over 150,000 lines of code, mostly in C++, along with all the historical revisions of the codes to understand the trading strategies and routing logic and prepared reports for counsels. Additionally, Haozhen analyzed tens of TBs of trading system logs and NYSE TAQ data and generated insights for counsels.
    • International Cryptocurrency Trading Trial: In an international cryptocurrency trading dispute between a cryptocurrency exchange and a leading crypto market maker, Haozhen reviewed source codes of both the market maker’s proprietary trading software (Python) and the exchange’s trading platform (Ruby and Lua) and ran a range of simulations with working version of key components of the systems and historical market conditions. Haozhen assisted expert witness in preparing expert report and rebuttals and attended full trial in an overseas court with testifying expert to provide testimony support.

    Financial Dispute Consulting

    • Insider Trading: In a high stakes insider trading criminal trial case, Haozhen analyzed the defendants’ trading activities and prepared deliverables for testifying expert to present in court.
    • Big Data: In multiple financial dispute cases, Haozhen leveraged his expertise and capability to develop customized proprietary big data analytics solutions to rapidly mine and produce tens of TBs of structured and unstructured financial data.

  • Insights & innovation