Hassan Faghani
Senior Director

Economics; Econometrics; Antitrust; Damages; Data Science & Analytics

Dr. Hassan Faghani is a Senior Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. Hassan’s expertise is in economic modeling and econometrics; including models of consumer demand and merger simulation. He supports expert reports in litigations and mergers by applying econometric tools on large and complex data sets. He has experience on matters across several industries; such as healthcare, telecommunication, retail, consumer products, insurance, and energy. He is an adjunct professor at the department of economics at Georgetown University. Prior to joining Ankura, he worked for Navigant Consulting, Inc. and Compass Lexecon.

  • Experience

    Hassan’s professional experience includes:

    • Providing quantitative and analytical support for a litigation in the healthcare industry.
    • Conducting quantitative analyses and support materials for the expert report of an anti-trust litigation in the electricity market.
    • Conducted data and econometric analyses for a consumer product merger, the results of the analyses were presented to the FTC.
    • Performed econometric analysis which estimates an auction model in the cement industry.
    • Conducted economic and econometric analyses in a class action litigation of automobile parts.
    • Prepared econometric analysis (for a litigation proceeding) which estimated damages resulting from the alleged anticompetitive behavior of a hospital stemming from a merger.
    • Conducted merger simulation modeling to quantify the price effect of a vertical merger in video programming industry.
    • Performed econometric analyses in support of the proposed merger between Anthem and Cigna; analyzed price effects of previous health insurance mergers; estimated pass-through effects of changes in insurance provider’s costs on their customers.
    • Conducted econometric analysis of the price effects of previous mergers in support of the proposed merger between Staples and Office Depot; supervised junior staff’s work on processing large datasets.
    • Prepared and directed econometric analysis using scanner data to estimate demand models (AIDS and nested logit) for proposed transactions in canned seafood and salty snack industries.
    • Conducted econometric analysis to quantify the effect of a hospital merger on prices paid by health insurance providers; assisted in the preparation of expert report; supervised junior staff’s work on the processing of hospital claims data and insurers’ contract documents.
    • Performed demand estimation and assisted in the development of merger simulation to estimate the price effects from the merger between AT&T and DirecTV. These analyses were described by the FCC as “a sophisticated application of merger simulation techniques” and a “detailed and economically rigorous variant of the commonly adopted modeling approach.”