Jason S Boo

Jason S. Boo
Managing Director

Advanced Data Analytics; Fraud, Investigations, & Litigation; Business Intelligence

Jason Boo is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in Chicago. Prior to joining Ankura, he was a director within Navigant’s disputes, forensics & legal technology (DFLT) segment, which was acquired by Ankura in 2018. Jason has over 10 years of extensive experience using various tools to manage and analyze large quantities of complex data across various industries. He has experience in several different engagements in consulting that have allowed him to apply his financial, analytical, managerial, and technical skills. He is driven to utilize technology to develop solutions to complex business problems. Jason specializes in structured data analytics and custom application development, and has experience helping lead engagements, scaling in size and scope, to a range of Global 500 clients involved in multi-jurisdiction investigations, litigations, insolvencies, and disputes.

  • Experience

    Jason has experience bringing creative technical business solutions to complex data issues involving widely-recognized and bespoke financial and transactional databases to analyze risk controls, asset tracing, compliance reporting, processing work-flow, and overall data integrity.

    Jason has previously worked on many complex investigations and compliance reviews including payroll and expense fraud, accounts payable reconciliation, and audits of financial statements, cybersecurity, Ponzi schemes, mortgage back security fraud, tax evasion, foreign corruption and bribery, and sanctions violations.

    Most recently, Jason has led the data analysis team on an engagement involving a large Middle Eastern financial institution that was suspected of violating US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations. The historical review included 10 years of data from disparate sources totaling over 10 billion transactions.