Javier Alvarez
Managing Director

Anti-Corruption; Forensic Accounting; Investigations; Data Analytics

Javier Alvarez is an Ankura Managing Director with more than 16 years of auditing, forensic accounting, and litigation consulting experience. He is recognized for his extensive international experience of large-scale financial investigations and litigation assignments, particularly Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-related matters and receiverships, as well as for providing accounting and consulting services to clients across a wide range of industries. He is based in the firm’s New York office.

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    Javier has experience managing matters involving alleged FCPA violations. On a global scale, he has provided services related to international due diligence, monitorships, implementation of compliance programs, and coordination of risk assessments for leading corporations. He has experience working with counsel to develop efficient work strategies, as well as assemble and manage forensic teams of appropriate size and skill level to deliver results effectively. Javier has worked in jurisdictions throughout South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. He has experience working with counsel and government regulators to develop and present findings.

    In addition, Javier has led multiple forensic accounting investigations where his responsibilities included unraveling complex accounting transactions and advising audit committees and legal counsel, as well as presenting findings to relevant third parties, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and law enforcement.

    He has also managed large-scale receivership and related investigations in which he provides detailed analyses involving asset tracing and reconstruction of complex financial transactions. In connection to this work, he also has experience managing litigating support issues. He has led internal and SEC-related investigations involving financial and securities fraud, embezzlement, circumvention of internal controls, and accounting malpractice.

    Javier has led other accounting-related litigation and arbitration matters, including post-closing purchase price disputes, white-collar crime, misappropriation of corporate assets, and revenue recognition. He often works with legal counsel to provide forensic accounting litigation support, including research, export report drafting, and advisory services.

    Before joining Ankura, Javier worked in the forensic litigation consulting group at FTI Consulting and the forensic and investigative accounting services practice at Kroll. He began his career in the financial advisory services practice at Deloitte & Touche, where he audited financial statements of public and private companies.

    Javier’s professional experience includes the following:

    • Managed team of forensic accountants in connection for the receiver of the Michael Kenwood Ponzi scheme where he led all aspects of the investigation, including complex cash flow analyses which determined the entities involved in the scheme and for clawback litigation purposes for counsel, as well as for the SEC, US attorneys, and other government authorities.
    • Led the forensic accounting analysis work for an investigation concerning the receivership of an ATM cash company, drafting of a report issued by the receiver and coordinating efforts with government authorities.
    • Investigated corrupt activities in former Commonwealth of Independent States countries on behalf of a telecommunications company. Conducted on-site risk assessments in several former CIS countries, which involved interviews, books and records reviews, and an assessment of the company’s current compliance program. Coordinated with outside counsel to present the results of the investigation and review to the company’s outside auditors as well as the Department of Justice and the SEC.
    • Directed an internal fraud investigation into alleged accounting improprieties on behalf of the board of directors of a multibillion-dollar industrial battery manufacturer.
    • Led and managed teams in various countries on the FCPA monitorships of several global oil and gas companies and an industrial equipment manufacturer. The matters involved ascertaining whether payments were made to government officials as inducements for obtaining or retaining business.
    • Provided consulting services regarding adjustment involving fixed, communications, and extraordinary costs to a publicly held financial market data provider involved in a contract dispute with a competitor.
    • Conducted an internal examination of a major financial institution designed to comply with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Bank Secrecy Act regulations, specifically for alleged activities related to the lack of filing suspicious activity reports.
      Collaborated on the preparation of an expert report related to an asset forfeiture case brought by the DOJ alleging that certain funds were received in connection to a Russian tax fraud scheme.
    • Assisted counsel with adjustments involving contract accounting and earn-out calculations on a post-closing purchase price dispute on behalf of an auto parts manufacturer and earned a win of approximately $40 million in adjustments on the client’s behalf.
    • Managed numerous engagements involving post-closing purchase price disputes and earn-out calculations and assisted in arbitration proceedings, including the preparation of submissions.
    • Performed damage calculations in a breach of contract dispute on behalf of a major information technology company where the findings resulted in a lost profits settlement.

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    • “How Forensic Accountants Help Identify Corruption Risk and Delve into the Details of Books and Records,” The FCPA Report, Volume 2, Number 12, 2013, co-authored
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