Jeff Green

Jeff Green
Senior Managing Director

Complex Litigation, Financial Investigations & Expert Services

Jeff Green is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. Over the course of his 30-year career, Jeff has provided a broad range of expert and consulting services to private and public-sector clients and counsel on the financial, accounting, economic, and data analytics aspects of complex disputes and financial and regulatory investigations. He has led teams in the quantification of economic impacts, the assessment of loss causation, the evaluation of compliance, and the detection of fraud. His experience crosses over many industry sectors, including financial services, real estate, healthcare, and technology, and has addressed a wide range of matter types, including breach of contract, securities litigation, antitrust litigation, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property, and fraud schemes and regulatory investigations.

  • Experience

    Jeff’s professional experience includes:

    • SEC Investigation: Assisted counsel to former management of a payment processing company in defense of SEC enforcement action alleging irregularities related to accounting and disclosure of certain non-GAAP measures.
    • Database Marketing Dispute: Assisted a leading database marketing company in its defense of breach of contract damages claims brought by an internet retailer relating to alleged failure in the development and delivery of prospective targeted customer lists for high-volume direct mail campaigns.
    • Systems Implementation Failure: Assisted a systems implementation firm in its defense of breach of contract and fiduciary duty claims related to its role in the design, development, and implementation of a state healthcare exchange under the Affordable Care Act.
    • Payment Card Industry Dispute: Assisted a major national bank in its defense of breach of contract, trademark infringement, and unfair competition claims related to the termination of a co-branded card relationship with a major retailer.
    • Failed Bank Litigation: Analyzed damages suffered by a bank as a result of the outside auditor’s alleged failure to detect fraudulent activity on the part of bank management. At issue were losses incurred on a portfolio of commercial real estate loans and investments.
    • Ponzi Scheme Investigation: Investigated a complex fraud involving the purchase, securitization, and sale of healthcare receivables where investors in asset-backed securities were alleged to have lost over $3 billion. Work involved the tracing of funds through numerous accounts and entities.
    • Payment Card Industry Dispute: Assisted a consortium of issuing banks in assessing the costs associated with providing various services to credit card customers in connection with a consumer class action matter involving allegations of antitrust violations. Conducted functional cost analyses to identify the incremental costs associated with the handling of transactions that originated outside of the US.
    • Consumer Financial Class Action: Assisted a major national bank in its defense of consumer class action claims brought for alleged violation of fair lending laws limiting the type and amount of closing costs and fees that a lender can charge on residential second mortgage loans.
    • Breach of Contract/Takings Claims: Analyzed claims for lost profits, restitution and other forms of damages amounting to more than $10 billion made by various banking institutions related to the government’s alleged breach of contract related to regulatory forbearances, including the regulatory capital treatment of certain intangible assets. Played role as lead consultant, coordinating the analysis and testimony of numerous economic, accounting, industry, and regulatory witnesses across multiple trials.
    • Payment Card Industry Dispute: Assisted a major national bank in measuring economic damages suffered as a result of the alleged breach of the exclusivity provisions of co-branded credit card program. Work involved forecasting the future program profits under a variety of scenarios to support dispute resolution.
    • Auto Lending/Insurance Dispute: Assisted counsel to a reinsurance company in evaluating claims brought by a commercial bank for failure to pay for losses allegedly covered under a residual value risk policy related to its automobile leasing business. Work involved the analysis of consequential damages claims primarily related to the bank’s exit from the auto leasing business.
    • Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Dispute: Analyzed the property and portfolio management decisions made by the real estate advisors to a public pension fund investor to address alleged breaches of fiduciary duty.
    • Mutual Fund Investigation: Assisted a broker-dealer in an investigation of its mutual fund trading practices. The firm was the subject of numerous regulatory inquiries, the focus of which was alleged late trading and market timing activities.
    • Product Liability Litigation: Assisted a group of tobacco industry clients in their defense of claims brought by various States for the public costs of smoking related illnesses. Led a large team in the analysis of voluminous health care claims data sets to address issues of causation and damages.

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