Jennifer Barbour
Senior Director

Strategy & Performance; Program & Change Leadership; Performance Optimization

Jennifer Barbour is a Senior Director at Ankura, based in Nashville. With 14 years of experience, Jennifer transforms organizations by leading clients through strategic, operational, and cultural change. She collaborates with organizational leaders to implement their strategic initiatives in a way that maximizes value and effectiveness. She is an experienced leader and program manager skilled at thinking strategically about the big picture while managing complex details of critical tasks and cross-functional interdependencies. Jennifer’s focus on relationship development and communication enable her to accelerate results, manage change, and become a trusted advisor to clients.

  • Experience

    Jennifer joined Ankura with its 2018 acquisition of c3/consulting, and has a background in healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, and business operations. She has a unique ability to analyze current performance and processes and to collaboratively design and implement custom solutions across a variety of industries and business functions. Prior to joining c3, Jennifer managed business and clinical operations and projects for a large healthcare system, empowered leaders through coaching and leadership development, led successful lean initiatives in a high-reliability manufacturing facility, and implemented revenue cycle solutions for healthcare clients. Jennifer’s expertise combined with her relational approach and passion for delivering results are essential to organizations seeking transformational change.

    Jennifer’s professional experience includes:

    • Divestiture and Program Management, Global Tire Manufacturer: Accelerated a cross-functional carve-out of an underperforming division that was combined in a joint venture with a similar division from the parent company’s top competitor; led the design and execution of multi-functional carve-out workstream plans to transition employees and services, mitigate risks, and close on schedule.
    • Clinical Project Management, Health System: Facilitated improvements to emergency department operations at multiple facilities by managing onsite assessments, complex data analysis, action planning, communication, and status reporting; recommended and implemented changes to project execution methodology to ensure stakeholder objectives were achieved.
    • Transformational Change, Health System: Implemented incremental culture change and improved operational processes in a 16-room operating room department through leadership development, strategic planning, leader and staff change management and communication, daily operations management, and staff accountability.
    • Organization Design and Structure, Health System: Led a successful organizational restructure and culture change across 10 surgical departments through business process, employee engagement, and change readiness assessments, solution design, communication planning and execution, implementation, and sustainability monitoring.
    • Clinical Leadership and Talent Development, Change Leadership, Health System: Created and implemented clear role definitions for surgery leaders and coached clinical managers, supervisors, and charge nurses to work collaboratively within their newly defined roles.
    • Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement, Health System: Established a collaborative operational/clinical partnership among physicians, anesthesia providers, clinical leaders, and staff to increase effectiveness of performance optimization solution development and implementation.
    • Business Analysis and Performance Optimization, Health System Call Center: Led pre-surgical assessment improvement initiative resulting in a 119% improvement in assessments completed timely, and a sustained 25% improvement in productivity.
    • Performance Optimization, Health System: Retained a large physician practice contract by rapidly delivering a 34% improvement in endoscopy lab on-time procedure starts, greatly increasing physician satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
    • Customer Satisfaction and Change Leadership, Health System: Improved HCAHPS (patient satisfaction) Rate Hospital top box scores by 6% during a seven-month engagement by developing and implementing a customized leader rounding process, creating training documentation and plans, and conducting leadership and staff training and coaching.
    • Performance Optimization and Program Management, Health System: Implemented a tri-campus, multi-functional solution that improved Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) SCIP (Surgical Care Improvement Project) quality measure performance from 4% of measures meeting benchmark to 67% of measures meeting benchmark during a single performance period.
    • Lean Methodology Execution and Project Management, High-Reliability Manufacturer: Facilitated lean event that reduced waste in a high-reliability manufacturing line; reduced defects and cycle time through significant batch size reduction; and minimized transportation and motion by relocating workstations, tools, and inventory storage.
    • System Implementation and Process Optimization, Health System: Facilitated implementation of revenue cycle denial management system to efficiently and proactively identify, prioritize, track, report, and resolve denied/underpaid claims.
    • Performance Optimization, Health System: Implemented streamlined workflows for billing, collections, denials, and payment review units resulting in a 13% increase in staff productivity and a 6% reduction in aged receivables.


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