Jim Goldmann
Managing Director

Strategy & Physician Alignment; Former Hospital & Medical Practice Executive

Jim Goldmann serves as a Managing Director at Ankura where he consults with healthcare clients ranging from large academic health systems to physician practices in the areas of strategy, physician alignment, and physician compensation. Jim has been in the field for almost 40 years as a consultant and in management roles in hospitals and physician practices. He is based in Dallas.

  • Experience

    Jim’s professional experience includes:

    • Pediatric Service Deployment: Assisting an academic pediatric hospital in the deployment of clinical services to a remote-site, startup children’s hospital in a major metropolitan area.
    • Surgical Services Solution Development: Helping a public hospital and Level 1 trauma center to secure a contract for the provision of general, trauma, and specialty services.
    • Value-based Compensation Transformation: Redesigned the physician compensation plan for the 120-physician primary care group affiliated with a Harvard teaching hospital incorporating quality, panel size, and patient satisfaction into performance expectations.
    • Oncology Service Line Development: Helped a major Texas health system align its outpatient oncology practices utilizing a large, independent oncology practice as the management partner.
    • Orthopedic Service Line Development: Led the development of an orthopedic service line strategy for a two-hospital system serving Connecticut and Rhode Island.
    • Academically Based Clinically Integrated Network Development: Led the creation of a clinically integrated network uniting five large private groups across a broad geography with a university-based faculty in Utah for joint contracting.
    • Value-based Payer Alignment: Helped a Southern Massachusetts health system determine the best contracting organization affiliate in order to maximize reimbursement and performance in a progressive, market-driven payer climate.
    • Clinically Integrated Network Development: Led the initiative to create a clinically integrated network for a nationally affiliated health system in Central Texas.
    • Development of the Physician Enterprise: Helped a two-hospital health system in New Jersey, a health system in Connecticut, and a public system in Hawaii develop their physician entity, including governance, management, practice acquisition, performance management, and compensation development.
    • Creation of a Cardiac Co-Management program: Led the effort to substantially partner independent and employed physicians in a four-hospital southwest Florida health system with its cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons and create a strategy to improve market performance and quality.
    • Enhancement of a Cardiac Service Line: Helped a two-hospital health system in southwest Florida acquire the cardiology practices in its market and bind them together in a group, while serving as the first group executive for nine months.
    • Physician Practice Turnarounds: Served as the interim CEO for a cardiology/cardiothoracic surgery practice, growing the group by 40% and improving collection by 20%/MD. Served as interim chief executive officer for a nationally recognized oncology practice, putting the practice on solid financial footing and saving it from bankruptcy.
    • Other Consulting Experience: Multiple hospital strategy and restructuring projects, medical school contract negotiations, physician group rollups, clinical performance improvement projects.
    • Children’s Medical Center of Dallas: Served as the chief operating officer.
    • Hospital CEO and Chief Information Officer: Served as a hospital CEO and CIO.

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