Jim Vint

Jim Vint
Senior Managing Director

Financial Services; Legal & Business Risk; Emerging Technology

Jim Vint is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura, based in Chicago. He focuses on litigation and investigation projects for Global 500 organizations and has significant experience working in the EU and Asia Pacific. His areas of expertise include financial services, life science, and consumer products industries specific to bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, class actions, cartel investigations, and general commercial disputes and investigations. He has been retained to testify in numerous 30(b)(6) situations and as an expert related to the discovery of structure data, data migrations, platform assessments, and other data driven disputes.

  • Experience

    Jim’s professional experience includes:

    • Retained as an expert to provide opinions on the applicability of a data archiving solution as it related to legal proceedings and the preservation of data, full text search capabilities, and mitigation of spoliation issues for email, transactions, and associated metadata. Dispute was between archiving platform software company and a financial services firm. Resulted in nearly full recovery of damages for client.
    • Retained as an expert to assist in the defense of a financial services client for allegations related to production of structured data from multiple systems to plaintiffs. Specific issues involved historic migration of data fields from mainframe systems to structured databases, maintenance of specific fields and other data migration issues, and allegations of data loss. Case is currently ongoing.
    • US – Managed the discovery and re-underwriting process for a major global mortgage backed security litigation. Discovery involved over 50 transactional systems of record (underwriting, origination, and servicing) as well as multiple document and image databases for over 189 disputes. Data from the systems was reviewed and each loan re-underwritten for purposes of validation to contemporaneous underwriting guidelines to assess risk, accuracy, and causation impact for non-performing loans in a number of MBS vehicles.
    • US / UK / Singapore – Managed to internal review of a custodial bank’s foreign exchange transactions over a 24-month period. Each client transaction from all trading desks was evaluated against both Reuters and Bloomberg tick-by-tick data for the time period to assess range of day clustering, conformance to stated trade times, prevailing market rates, and any uplift or discount to trades for various client bases. Determined that many of the allegations in the press were non-specific to the trading attributes of the client. Demonstrated the work and results to the SEC in mitigating claims against the client and its competitors. Subsequently retained as 30(b)(6) witness following receipt of subpoena for information.
    • Performed an internal review for a major custodial bank to understand potential exposure to a variety of trades executed for its clients through fund managers. The process included two years of historical trade data for spots and forwards from six trading systems as well as tick-by-tick trade data from Reuters and daily transaction details from Bloomberg. Performed analyses on trades including range of the day stratifications, principle versus agent review, net position calculation, transaction netting scenarios, and comparison of trades with specific instructions to negotiated trades pricing. Determined that allegations made to other banks were overstated for the client. Retained as 30(b)(6) witness for possible discussions with regulatory authorities – ongoing.
    • Retained as 30(b)(6) expert and led the process that identified, extracted, and reported on specific information in the investigation of alleged bribes paid to Asian officials for preferable contract and import tax terms. Sources included JD Edwards, SAP, PeopleSoft (HR), and “Home-grown” systems. Transactional reporting solutions across systems allowed counsel and experts to view cash disbursement transactions, expense, and expense detail information through a front-end user interface. Damages are currently being assessed.
    • Consolidated disparate data sources in determining fees paid to broker dealers for a major mutual fund management company, that were allegedly improperly non-disclosed. Created a model to recalculate fees associated with shareholder servicing, 12b-1, networking, profit share and revenue sharing fees based on available assets under management, and amounts paid based on general ledger, and wire transfer amounts, identifying over £100 million of non-disclosed fees. Filed affidavit in lieu of 30(b)(6) testimony.

  • Honors & awards

    • Who’s Who Legal says: “Jim Vint is a well-established figure in the market whose practice features superb understanding of data migrations and structured data discovery.”
    • Member of Who’s Who Legal, Investigations, Data

  • News & events
    • American Bar Association, 01/2018, “Artificial Intelligence and it’s Impact on the Legal Industry,” Honolulu, Hawai’i.
    • International Bar Association, 10/2017, “Cyber Crime as a Political Weapon,” Sydney, Australia
    • International Legal Technology Association, 08/2017, “Structured Data in Discovery,” Las Vegas, NA
    • ABA Corporate Counsel Committee Annual Seminar, 02/2014, “Scandal-Proofing the Corporate Brand in the Digital Age,” Rancho Mirage, CA
    • IQPC Information Retention & E-Disclosure Management Seminar, 05/2013
    • Moderator of Panel on Cross Border discovery and disclosure issues focusing on US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and France”
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