Justin Apperson
Senior Director

eDiscovery Expert with Legal, Corporate, & Consulting Experience

Justin Apperson, Esq. is a Senior Director at Ankura based in Dallas. With a primary focus on eDiscovery, Justin has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from managing large document review cases to consulting Fortune 100 corporations.

  • Experience

    Prior to joining Ankura, Justin held a variety of eDiscovery positions on the corporate, consulting, and law firm side. Justin has worked on numerous high profile litigation cases, including multiple intellectual property patent infringement lawsuits. His experience has culminated into a very high degree of expertise in effectively managing and improving eDiscovery processes from a technical standpoint, as well as applying his legal prowess to ensure that those processes comply with the highest legal standards for the preservation, review, and production of evidence.

    Justin has led engagements for several Fortune 500 companies using a variety of eDiscovery software platforms to perform first and second level attorney document review for multimillion dollar litigations. In managing teams of attorneys, Justin was instrumental as a liaison between the client and the attorneys in defining expectations, scope of work, legal strategy, and implementation. He has experience using a variety of eDiscovery software platforms to perform processing, culling, searching, and document review.

    Justin is also a seasoned analytics expert, using a variety of analytical processes, including categorization and technology assisted review to produce defensible results for projects with tight timelines. He received his Bachelor of Business degree from Texas State University, and his Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University, and is a member of the Texas Bar Association. Justin has also earned the distinction of being a Relativity Certified Administrator.