Lesha Chetty

Lesha Chetty
Managing Director

Strategic Real Estate Advisory Lead; Programme & Project Management

Lesha Chetty is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in London. She led Navigant’s strategic real estate advisory service line in the United Kingdom which was part of the disputes, forensics, and legal technology segment acquired by Ankura in 2018. She provides consultancy advice on strategic asset management, portfolio optimization aimed at driving efficiencies, investment and development strategies, operating models, regeneration, procurement, contract management, transformation and change management, programme, and project management. She has 20 years of property experience working with private and public sector clients both on the consultancy and client side. Her core objective is to provide solutions to drive best value from client portfolios and ensure that their asset strategy aligns with the business strategy, cost efficiency, risk mitigation, organizational effectiveness, deliverability, and affordability.

  • Experience

    A sample of Lesha’s professional experience includes:

    • Local Authority Partnership Programme – Leading a local authority partnership programme comprising 12 local government authorities working together to drive development and social value from the combined property portfolio with the aim of delivering challenging projects through investment from “one public estate” and alternative funding streams.
    • Global Publishing Company – Advised on and set up the global supply chain programme including programme governance. Advised on the programme strategy and delivery roadmap. Developed the business cases for priority projects.
    • Local Authority Investment Strategy – Seconded to lead the investment and development team for a local authority in the South East of England. Managed the borough’s investment programme, asset strategy, and set up of the proposed local authority trading company.
    • Housing Regeneration – Financial advice and cost review for the regeneration of two housing estates with over 1000 units which will be delivered across a seven-year programme.
    • Energy and Utilities company in Africa – Delivery of a new service delivery model including the procurement and performance management of FM services.
    • National Bank in Africa – Developed an estate diagnostic to identify opportunities for cost reduction across the portfolio.
    • Real Estate Investment Trust – Developed a strategic case to support the efficiency savings and VFM assessment to relocate a key leading international bank into new facilities.
    • Walsall Council –Strategic advisory to enable council-wide efficiency savings through property reconfiguration and service redesign by working with each of the Council’s services to explore options to transform their services. This included an adult social housing review that involved setting up a partnership between the Council, Social Housing Associations and the NHS to target vulnerable adults.  Delivered a workplace strategy to transition 2,500 office-based FTE and reduce the workforce by 20 percent over two years.
    • Oldham Council – Strategic advisory which included working with each of the service areas to analyse the policy implications and explore innovative ways to transform the services. This included setting up public sector partnerships to develop a neighbourhood strategy to support the devolution of services as part of the localism agenda and encourage regeneration. The project also included a workplace strategy to transition 1,622 office-based FTE and reduce the workforce by 20 percent over two years.
    • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – Developing delivery models with adult social care and the private sector to support extra care provision.
    • Manchester City Council and Salford City Council – Single integrated property and FM. Managed the project to assess the benefits and build the business case for creating a single integrated property and FM function. Mapped out the route for migrating contracts to the single function and reviewed FM contracts to identify savings.
    • Westminster City Council – Implementation of strategic asset management processes to get best value from the estate. This included developing a diagnostic toolkit for asset management, advising on best practice procedures for financial modelling and business case preparation, developing a property strategy, and setting up robust governance arrangements.
    • Surrey County Council – Strategic estates vision, strategy, and plan for driving value from the estate and delivering service improvement through strategic property solutions. Supporting frontline services to develop a commissioning profile, asset reviews, and options appraisals that informed the asset strategy. The development and implementation of a community hub strategy to deliver both service and investment value from the estate.

    In addition to the above Lesha has advised on:

    • Town Centre regeneration strategies including advising on the socio-economic benefits and PPP structures
    • Best practice procedures for programme and project management
    • Accommodation strategies
    • Risk management and facilitation of risk workshops
    • Procurement options to support a property and FM model

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