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Manfield Mandigora
Senior Director

Construction & Real Estate Advisory; Project Audits, Assurance & Turnaround

Manfield Mandigora is a Senior Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC. He is a real estate/capital projects professional with more than 20 years of proven leadership experience across global development and construction projects worth billions of dollars. He is an advisor who consistently achieves on-budget and on-schedule results. His construction and development experience ranges across commercial, hospitality, residential, office, healthcare, education, sporting, industrial, highways, and rail.

  • Experience

    Previously Manfield was the head of real estate for QNB Capital (Investment Bank) in Qatar, head of capital projects advisory for Deloitte in Qatar, head of planning for Aspire Zone Foundation in Qatar, and head of cost management for Gleeds International in Poland and Ukraine. Manfield is a former vice-chairman of the board for Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors both in Poland and Qatar.