Mark D Potter

Mark Potter
Managing Director

Internal Fraud Investigations; Loan Origination & Securitization; Data Analytics

Mark Potter is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. He has specialized in internal fraud investigations, residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) litigation, and complex data analytics. Mark has more than 14 years of experience advising banks and insurers and their counsel on the financial and data management aspects of investigations, disputes, and bankruptcy-related matters involving a range of products and issues such as loan origination and securitization, fraud and due diligence, deposit taking, the payment card business, on-line consumer banking services such as bill pay, algorithmic equity trading, insurance cost recovery, asbestos, and other mass torts, among other areas. Mark has assisted clients in such areas as fraud investigations, loss analyses, damage calculations, long-tail allocations, and with expert report and deposition preparation.

  • Experience

    Mark’s professional experience includes:

    • Led an internal fraud investigation to determine the extent to which a client’s employees had manipulated expense submissions that were outside of policy.
    • Advised a client on loan origination and securitization on over four dozen RMBS litigation and state attorneys general investigation matters. Provided data management and analytic services to support discovery requests; managed document hosting, review, and other production requests. Led an internal fraud investigation to determine whether a client’s employees had improperly opened accounts and services without customer knowledge or approval.
    • Provided complex data analytics and reporting related to a client’s algorithmic equity trading activity, leveraging the client’s internal trading history and NYSE trade and quote data (TAQ) to determine whether orders were covered by SEC Rule 605.
    • Extensive experience in matters related to insurance recovery, claim file audit reviews, and long-tail allocations related to asbestos and other mass torts.